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Thursday July 22, 2021

Clubhouse Voice Chat allows users to join without an invitationنضم

The company that operates the Voice Chat app Clubhouse said Wednesday that it has scrapped the invite system so that everyone can join its platform.
Previously, the social networking app required that people be invited through existing users in order to join it. The application achieved tremendous growth during the Corona pandemic, and the subsequent closures and general isolation.

The company said in a post that it had always planned to open the app, and that the invite system was only a way to limit the number of users.

Clubhouse now faces new competition from major social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as streaming company Spotify, all of which have launched similar voice chat services.
“We know we will face many successes and failures, and competition from major networks will be fierce,” the company wrote in the blog.
It said the Clubhouse app had added 10 million subscribers since it launched a version suitable for Android phones in May.

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