Clomid for rapid pregnancy Clomid results are affected by many factors, the most important of which are the size of the cyst and the nature of the menstrual cycle, and are there any other causes for poor fertility and the extent of the patient’s response to activation, and our next topic offers you in useful site Full details of how to use Clomid for pregnancy by mentioning the recommended dose and appropriate time to take Clomid tablets, as well as the average price of Clomid pills, the most important side effects of Clomid treatment and how to avoid them.

Clomid for rapid pregnancy

Clomid is made using clomiphene citrate, which is the most popular treatment for stimulating ovulation, especially in women with polycystic ovarian diseases and poor ovulation.

Clomid activates the pituitary gland and stimulates it to produce the hormones FSH and LH, which are responsible for producing eggs, as well as increasing their size in order to become mature and suitable for fertilization and thus pregnancy.

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When to take clomid for rapid pregnancy

Usually, the doctor recommends taking Clomid for rapid pregnancy from the second day of the menstrual cycle until the seventh day, that is, for 5 or 6 days only.

Clomid starts working immediately after stopping the prescribed dose, as it stimulates the ovulation process and prepares the body to produce mature eggs, and ovulation itself will occur after 5 to 10 days.

clomid pills
clomid pills

Appropriate Clomid Dosage

There is no single dose that is suitable for everyone to use, as the doctor determines the optimal dose based on the patient’s condition, and the initial dose is usually 50 mg only once daily for 5 days.

In the event that pregnancy does not occur, the dose may be increased to 100 mg, ie two Clomid tablets, and they are taken together at one time also for 5 days.

The maximum dose of Clomid for rapid pregnancy is 150 mg, and doctors usually resort to using it.

In the absence of ovulatory responses after 3 consecutive cycles of treatment or in the case of severe cysts on the ovaries.

It should be remembered here that the recurrence of the treatment cycle is not done until 30 days after stopping it, that is, it is taken only with each menstrual cycle, and in the event that pregnancy does not occur after using 6 consecutive treatment cycles, you must refrain from taking it and use another appropriate treatment.

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How to use clomid for pregnancy with twins

The body usually releases only one egg each month, and therefore the rate of twin pregnancy is very weak, as it does not exceed 1%, or one case out of every 100 women.

Clomid raises this percentage to 15%, so women who want to conceive twins use it as a primary treatment to stimulate the ovaries to release multiple eggs that are suitable for fertilization.

As for the method of using Clomid for pregnancy with twins, it depends on taking it orally for 6 days, starting from the first day of the menstrual cycle until the sixth day only, then it is stopped.

Intercourse is completely prohibited after the end of the menstrual cycle and until the expected days of ovulation, i.e. intercourse takes place here from the 13th to the 18th day of the cycle and is at the rate of one day.

It is taken into account that positions are taken that facilitate the survival of the largest number of sperm in the cervix, such as the position of back intercourse and the position of standing.

You must also adhere to taking folic acid for at least 3 months before trying to conceive, and eating more foods that increase the chances of producing multiple eggs per month, such as egg and dairy products, complex carbohydrates – cowpeas, beans, lentils – carrots, potatoes, flax seeds and licorice.

Clomid drug
Clomid drug

When is it recommended to use Clomid for pregnancy?

The method of using Clomid pills to facilitate pregnancy Bold does not differ from the method of using it for pregnancy in general, as, as we have already mentioned, it is taken for 5 or 6 days only with the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Clomid does not contribute to determining the sex of the fetus, but the goal of its use here is to activate ovulation, ensure the exit of a mature egg and facilitate accurate prediction of its release, because intercourse on the same day of ovulation increases the chances of conceiving a boy by 75% due to the nature of the Y sperm, which is characterized by its speed and then The egg is fertilized first.

It is also taken into account here to follow up on ovulation by sound waves or to monitor the signs of ovulation that appear on the body such as high temperature, excessive cervical secretions and abdominal cramps or one of the sides, and that intercourse is only on this day and the day after it.

You should also eat a lot of foods that increase the alkalinity of the body, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, especially bananas, avocados, meat, fish, salmon and nuts, with the use of an alkaline wash for the vagina, such as baking soda, an hour before intercourse.

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Is pregnancy after clomid sure?

  • The results of Clomid for rapid pregnancy are affected by many factors, including:-
  • The patient’s condition, the size of the cyst and the degree of weakness of her eggs, as well as the degree of her response to activation with the drug, and whether there are any other health problems she suffers from or not, as well as the health status of the husband.
  • The possibility of pregnancy after using Clomid treatment increases the greater the size of the cyst is simple or if only the production of mature eggs suitable for fertilization is desired.
  • If there are other, more complex problems, it will not work, so the real reasons for delaying pregnancy must be discovered and treated first.
  • As for when pregnancy occurs?! It may happen from the first month or within 3 months, and the pregnancy rate here is less in the first month and doubles in the second and third, and so on.
  • The doctor monitors with ultrasound the degree of response of the ovaries to stimulation, and in the event that there is no response or it is very simple and ineffective, he will stop the treatment with Clomid tablets to use another method.

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clomid drug
clomid drug

Clomid side effects during pregnancy

Like any other medical drug associated with taking Clomid pills, there are many side effects, the most important of which are:

  • Stimulating excessive ovulation, that is, the production of a large number of eggs, which increases the chances of a multiple pregnancy, which many women do not want.
  • Increasing the chances of ectopic pregnancy, which causes many problems, the most important of which is the rupture of the uterus or fallopian tubes, which puts the life of the pregnant woman at risk.
  • Disturbances in the nature of the menstrual cycle, as it becomes longer in the number of days, and the amount of menstrual blood increases, and it may even lead to bleeding.
  • Severe cramps in the abdomen, sides, and lower back.
  • Changes in mood, where feelings of anxiety, stress and depression increase.
  • The appearance of symptoms similar to those of pregnancy, including increased softness and swelling of the breasts, skin pigmentation, excessive vaginal secretions, weight gain, frequent urination, feeling hungry and hot flashes.
  • Severe headache accompanied by headache and multiple vision problems, the most important of which is blurring and increased sensitivity to light.

At the conclusion of our topic Clomid for rapid pregnancy We recommend that you avoid using Clomid tablets unless there are actual fertility problems that affect the reproductive process, in order to avoid over-stimulation of ovulation and the resulting multiple risks. You may be interested in:

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common questions

Who got pregnant from clomid pills?

Clomid proved positive results with about 75% of the women who used it correctly, if there were no other contraindications to pregnancy except for ovulation problems and the husband was healthy as well.

When is it recommended to have intercourse after using Clomid to conceive a boy?

If you want to have a boy, you must abstain from sexual intercourse completely until the day of ovulation, whose date must be accurately determined by following up on ovulation, because the presence of sperm before the egg is released increases the chances of producing female fetuses.

What is the price of Clomid in Saudi Arabia?

The average price of Clomid treatment in Saudi Arabia is about 23 riyals for a package that contains 10 tablets.