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Saturday October 17, 2020

Clinton mocks Trump and says Americans are tired of him

The World – The Americas

Biden reached 14.1 million viewers on the ABC channel of Walt Disney, while Trump attracted 13.5 million viewers on Comcast’s NBC and its subscription channels MSNBC and CNN. NBC. “

Clinton wrote through her official account on “Twitter” in a tweet, saying: “Americans are tired of Trump’s real-life program, let’s cancel it forever, right!”

“CNN” wrote on “Twitter” that it is “a practical result that no one expected in this field.”

NBC was criticized for setting Trump’s date at the same time with Biden after the ABC network had already set her date with the Democratic candidate, forcing voters to choose the candidate they would see live.

After Biden won in the ratings battle, TG Daclo, the Biden campaign’s national press secretary, wrote on Twitter: “It seems that more audiences last night were interested in seeing a leader (that is Biden) with a clear plan to control the Corona epidemic and get Americans back to work,” More than a liar (meaning Trump), the combative and anarchist, who brought us with his weak competence to that overwhelming chaos, “as he put it.

It should be noted that Biden was 11 points ahead of Trump on Friday in a poll conducted by “NBC News” and “The Wall Street Journal,” the same number that Clinton advanced three weeks before the election in 2016 before losing. In the elections narrowly ahead of Trump.

In addition, Joe Biden’s campaign managed to collect the largest amount of monthly donations, which reached $ 383 million in September, thanks to the flood of donations after his first debate with President Donald Trump.
In return, the Trump campaign received $ 248 million last month.
In addition to the chaotic debate with the ongoing Trump boycott of Biden, Democrats moved to increase donation amounts following the death of progressive Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Biden is ahead of Trump in national opinion polls ahead of the upcoming elections on November 3.
Biden campaign manager Gene O’Malley Dillon said on Wednesday that the $ 383 million amount was a record high and included $ 203 million from online donors.
The campaign now has $ 432 million to spend in an effort to get Biden into the presidency, she said.
The Trump campaign revealed on Thursday evening that it had raised $ 248 million.
Despite Biden’s campaign progress in donation amounts, O’Malley Dillon said, “We think the competition is more intense than people think (on Twitter).”
After the death of Ginsburg on September 18, small donors became angry at the idea of ​​appointing a conservative judge in their place to be nominated by Trump, so they donated more than a hundred million dollars in one weekend to the platform Officeblue, which collects funds for Democratic candidates in the presidential, congressional and local elections.
Biden raised a record $ 364.5 million in donations in August.
The sums he raised are much higher compared to Barack Obama’s record amount of nearly $ 200 million in September 2008.

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