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Friday February 14, 2020

Clashes near Tripoli despite the Security Council resolution demanding a permanent ceasefire

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Forces affiliated with the National Accord government in Libya announced on Thursday renewed clashes in southern Tripoli, noting that at least one civilian had been killed, as confirmed by eyewitnesses. The new confrontations come the day after the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution calling for a “permanent ceasefire,” and endorses the findings of the Berlin conference on Libya on January 19.

Clashes renewed between the two parties Libyan conflict Thursday in southern Tripoli, killing at least one civilian, despite dependence UN Security Council On Wednesday, a resolution called for a “permanent ceasefire”, according to witnesses and forces affiliated with the National Accord government.

The same sources said that flights were suspended at Maitika airport after a missile landed, while battles erupted again in southern Tripoli between the forces of the reconciliation government and those of Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter.

Witnesses heard the sound of a missile explosion in the agricultural plateau area, about thirty kilometers south of the capital’s center.

Other rockets landed in residential neighborhoods, killing one woman and wounding four other civilians, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Al-Wefaq government, Amin al-Hashemi.

Al-Wefaq government spokesman, Mustafa al-Mujai, confirmed fighting had erupted in the area, accusing Haftar’s forces of again violating the fragile truce announced on January 12. He said that the forces of “Haftar tried to advance in the area of ​​the plateau, but our forces repelled the attack.”

Despite the armistice, sporadic battles were recorded daily near Tripoli as weapons continued to enter the country.

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On Wednesday, for the first time since the Haftar forces launched their offensive against Tripoli in early April, the Security Council adopted a resolution calling for a “permanent ceasefire” to complement the truce announced in January.

The battles over the Libyan capital, Tripoli, have killed more than a thousand people and displaced about 140,000 others, according to the United Nations.


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