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Thursday November 26, 2020

Clashes in the center of the Argentine capital during the Maradona farewell ceremony


Footage broadcast on local television showed what appeared to be tear gas canisters and riot police trying to drive away spectators who tried to reach Maradona’s body.

Thousands of spectators lined up nearly two kilometers along the streets of Buenos Aires since the early hours of Thursday morning, to see Maradona farewell before the funeral.

The soccer legend, Argentine world champion Diego Maradona, died on Wednesday at the age of 60 after struggling with various health problems.

Argentine authorities declared three days of mourning due to his death. The burial ceremony of Maradona’s body is scheduled to take place at the Bella Vista cemetery in the suburbs of Buenos Aires on Thursday evening, but the ceremony may be postponed until Friday due to the large number of fans wanting to have a final look at him.

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