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Saturday May 23, 2020

China records first-time “zero” new deaths and injuries in Corona

The World – Asia

China had reported 4 new infections only, on Friday.

On a daily basis, China began to announce the number of HIV infections and deaths since last January.

On Friday, Chinese Prime Minister Li Kiqiang said his country had made “major strategic achievements” in its response to the outbreak of the new Corona Virus that appeared in late 2019 in Wuhan (central).

“At the moment, the epidemic is not over,” he added during the inauguration of the National People’s Congress, stressing the “tremendous task” that remains to be accomplished in the face of the economic consequences of the virus.

“We, the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, have remained united during a very difficult period, and we have built a great wall of solidarity,” he said.

After the country was closed in late January, in response to the outbreak of the epidemic, Beijing has been able to significantly reduce the number of cases of the Coronavirus, which has decreased in recent weeks, to record a few new cases a day.

“We have made a decisive victory in the defense of Hubei Province and its center of Wuhan”, whose residents have been quarantined for two and a half months, he added.

The official death toll from the Corona virus in China is 4,634, while the number of deaths from the virus around the world has risen to 335,538 at least, according to an AFP census Friday evening, which was prepared according to official sources.

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