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Tuesday June 23, 2020

Characteristics and history of the giant of Rhodes – –

The statue of Rhodes is one of the most important instances in the world, and its importance does not lie in being a wonderful statue in a wonderful place, and many tourists come to it, but rather in that it depicts an epic tournament for a people of the most ancient peoples, who has been defending and fighting until liberating his country from tyranny and occupation The aggressor was not allowed to touch his land, and not only that. Rather, he made from the things that he seized from the enemies a statue in a clear picture of the world until it reminds them of the power of this ancient people and confronted the aggressors, and his defense of his country.

The history of the construction of the statue of Rhodes

  1. Alexander of Macedon was one of the factors that helped the spread of the Seven Wonders of the World, as he was a great leader who gathered in his authority and owned a lot of countries, and this is because of the many conquests that he made, and he annexed to his king many countries and very old people that contain many of the seven wonders of the world, they entered Egypt In his possession, including the pyramids, one of the wonders, as it included Iraq, and the Levant, including the hanging gardens of Babylon, but after this great leader died, the land that belonged to him was distributed to the leaders of the army after him and they were Ptolemy I who took Egypt in his reign. And Antigons, whose control over separate parts of Asia Minor was one of the most important parts of Rhodes Island. Rhodes is of great commercial importance, as it is located in a very important location, and it has enough military power to control the Aegean Sea, and at the time In which Antigons was excessive control of the island of Rhodes, the island and its people were standing in a neutral position against Commander Ptolemy I.
  2. And the commander, Antigones, who imposes his control on them, but Antigons felt that the islanders could abandon him and provide the warships to Ptolemy to fight him, especially since they were brought together by him with huge commercial relations, so the commander decided to put the island’s residents in front of the choice, either to align with his side or war against them, and chose the people of Al-Jazeera is aligned with the Egyptian side, so Antigons formed an army led by his son Demetrius, and the war was already very strong between the two parties. Antigones equipped the army with 200 warships and 150 ships full of soldiers and weapons. Also, the Antigons army joined many ships belonging to pirates. Their number reached 1,000 ships.
  3. Although logic says that the army of Antigones is the one who will win the war, the opposite happened exactly, and the courage triumphed over pronunciation, and the people of the island of Rhodes defeated the army of Antigones thanks to their bravery, just as the city was very heavily fortified, and many walls were built around it The strong that the army tried to storm and actually succeeded in opening part of it, but the soldiers that were entering from it were killed immediately, and after a short time the people repaired this part again, and despite the siege that the Antigons army had been strong and lasted for a long time and used a lot in it Of the powerful equipment, the most famous of which is the high towers that were later called the Heliopolis Towers, the people of the city withstood for a whole year of siege, until it was lifted from them in the year 304 BC, and after a period of time the islanders decided to build a statue of the tools left behind Macedonians behind them, as well as to perpetuate the history of the gods that they revere. [1]

Characteristics of the giant of Rhodes

  • Most of the inhabitants of Rhodes used to sculpt statues, so that the city was known as the most exporting of bronze statues, and it was necessary to alert the island to a ancient statue unparalleled throughout the ancient world, and indeed they built the giant statue of Rhodes.
  • He is 30 meters above the surface of the water, and he was thus the highest statue in the whole ancient world, and the design that was designed for him, which is in the shape of the sun god of the people of the island, made him magnificent in beauty, and an unparalleled masterpiece, and put the statue on the main port To the island and the ships pass from between his feet, and at the time of building the statue the people had a big problem which is that building a statue of this size costs a lot of exorbitant sums, and here the people thought about exploiting the resources, equipment and ships left by the Antigons army behind him who fled on the run, after he sent Ptolemy I ships to fight his soldiers.
  • The people of the island were chosen by one of the famous sculptors called Kars of Lindos, who was a student of one of the most famous sculptors in the world at the time who is Lissy Boss, and Kars had to be according to the task that the people of the city gave her, so the most important challenge was greater than all The sculptures prepared by his teacher, and the famous sculptor already made a miniature statue of the statue of Al-Kabir with a length of 15 meters, but the villagers met the matter with complete refusal, and they said that the statue must be at least twice that number, and indeed Kars carved a statue of 30 meters in length, and began The people of the village built the statue from wooden and metal bases in 292 BC.
  • There was a great difficulty in building the statue in this era, which does not contain many modern equipment present at the present time, and the problem that met workers in building the statue was that they could not maintain the balance of the statue and prevent it from evacuating, as it was falling down when it rose The example is more, so the workers installed the legs by throwing stones in them the higher the construction of the statue more, and they also built a barrier of dirt on both sides until it helps to install the example well, and reached the length of the earthen barrier on both sides after the completion of construction, and reaching the head of the statue To 30 meters, the construction of the statue took 12 years. [2]

The collapse of the giant of Rhodes

In a very strong earthquake that witnessed the country in 226 BC, the great statue was destroyed, after 54 years remained standing and the builders left it, and it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that all collapsed and disappeared other than the pyramids of the island, and despite the passage of many years on The statue is destroyed, but many people call for the construction of a similar statue, but using modern equipment. One of the suggestions is that the new statue can be 150 meters long, includes a large library, and a lighthouse that can be seen from fifty meters away, at a cost of up to 300 million. Dollars, and although the statue was not constructed again, the accounts say that there was a divination who told the Rhodes people that they would be lucky if they built the statue again. [3]

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