coarse hair

Hair needs special care and periodic attention, as it is very sensitive to the various conditions that surround it, such as heat, humidity and other conditions. The roughness of the hair is one of the problems that most people face as a result of not giving it enough moisture, and this would reduce its luster, and make it look frizzy and lifeless.

Causes of coarse hair

There is not a single cause of coarse hair, but rather a variety of factors and causes, which can lead to it, including environmental conditions, bad habits, and a person’s physical health, and these factors include the following:

  • Living in hot and dry areas.
  • Spending long time in direct sunlight.
  • Swimming a lot in chlorinated water.
  • Excessive washing of hair, and not using natural oils to moisturize it.
  • Using a hairdryer frequently, especially after using products that contain alcohol.
  • Using an iron or a device to soften the hair constantly, as it leads to dryness and draws moisture from it.
  • Exposing hair to different climates.
  • Using a lot of chemical preparations, such as dyes, creams and various shampoos.

Diseases that cause coarse hair

Sometimes coarseness of hair may be a result of a person’s infection with some diseases or health problems, such as:

  • Anorexia nervosa: a disorder that affects a person due to abstaining from eating for a long period of time, and people who suffer from this condition often have a severe fear of gaining weight, even if the increase is small, and this condition is called anarchia, and it may cause a severe deficiency in various elements Important nutrients for the health of the body, which may affect the hair and skin.
  • Hypothyroidism: When a person has this condition, his thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, and one of the symptoms of this condition is weak and coarse hair.

frizzy hair treatment

  • Avoid washing hair daily with shampoo, and it is recommended to wash it only three times per week, and it is also preferable to replace shampoo with natural soap.
  • Use a protein-rich hair conditioner to repair damaged and rough hair.
  • Dry the hair using a dry towel, avoiding the use of blow-drying, or leave it to dry in the open air.
  • Avoid using hot hair styling devices such as irons and curlers, because they dry hair.
  • Moisturizing the hair after each time it is washed, and the moisturizer must be natural or contain natural ingredients as much as possible.
  • Using natural oils to give the feeling of moisture and luster, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and others.

Causes of coarse hair

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