During her pregnancy, a woman is exposed to many different health problems and disorders, and one of the most prevalent of these problems is preeclampsia, which is known as a high blood pressure rate and the amount of protein, specifically in the urine. Here, high blood pressure, even if it is simple, causes preeclampsia, and leads to more serious diseases and complications, especially if it is not treated immediately and is neglected.

A pregnant woman shows a set of symptoms and signs that indicate pregnancy poisoning, such as high blood pressure during two consecutive readings, exposure to major headaches and excessive obesity, in addition to swelling of some parts of the body, particularly the legs, face and hands. Looking temporarily, in addition to feeling pain in the abdominal area; Therefore, in order to avoid all that, we will discuss here the most important causes that lead to preeclampsia to be avoided, and thus reduce the possibility of infection, and the most prominent of these reasons are the following.

Causes of preeclampsia

  • A decrease in the amount of blood reaching the fetus.
  • Problems in the blood vessels, such as Takthaktha and damage.
  • Disorders and problems in the immune system of the pregnant woman.
  • A poor diet results in malnutrition and a deficiency in the nutrients that must be obtained.
  • Having other women in the family who have had pre-eclampsia increases the chance of developing pre-eclampsia.
  • Age, specifically if the mother is very young, i.e. under the age of twenty, or older and over the age of forty.
  • Overweight or obese, the higher the weight of the mother, the greater the risk of pre-eclampsia.
  • If a woman is pregnant with twins, whether they are two children or even more, the chance of her developing pre-eclampsia increases.
  • Increasing the time between two pregnancies increases the chance of developing preeclampsia by a large percentage. Therefore, it is preferable that the duration be reasonable.
  • Causes related to gestational diabetes as well.
  • In addition to high blood pressure as follows:
  • The increase may not be associated with the high amount of protein in the urine, but it also causes toxicosis in pregnancy.
  • If the mother already suffers from abnormalities and disturbances in her blood pressure rate, she is more likely to suffer from toxicosis during her pregnancy.
  • In addition to the incidence of chronic high blood pressure before pregnancy, which leads to an increase in its value during pregnancy, in addition to the high percentage of protein in the urine, which exposes it to pre-eclampsia.

Causes of preeclampsia

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