memory loss

It is the inability of a person to remember what he went through in his life, whether it was an event, a person or information, due to the mind blocking these matters from the human memory, and there are many reasons for this that we will mention in this article.

Causes of memory loss

  • Neglecting to eat memory-strengthening foods that nourish the brain, such as omega-3, and vitamins important to activate memory.
  • Eating large amounts of food, will lead to a defect in brain functions, including memory.
  • Getting older, because the older the person, the less the ability of the arteries to deliver blood to the brain.
  • The presence of inherited genes that cause forgetfulness.
  • Infection with some diseases, such as diseases and injuries that mainly affect the brain, and some other diseases such as diabetes and herpes.
  • Psychological pressures, and facing bad situations in life such as insecurity frequently.
  • Practicing some bad habits such as smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol, and taking stimulants and drugs.
  • Sleeping irregularly and not enough.
  • Not using the brain and activating it with reading and creativity.
  • Being in an environment contaminated with lithium.

Memory loss symptoms

  • Inability to remember events that happened in the past.
  • Sensation of a disorder in the nervous system, such as a tremor.
  • Inability to memorize information quickly and easily.
  • Forget about the simple events that happen every day.
  • Forget the locations of things and appointments.

Some types of memory loss

  • Anterograde amnesia: It is caused by a head injury, which leads to a failure to remember the events that occur after the injury, not the events that occurred before that, so the injured begins to forget the things that he will do and that he did.
  • Retrograde amnesia: This is caused by a head injury that leads to a lack of memory of some events that occurred before the injury.
  • Korsakoff’s mania: It is caused by alcoholism, which affects the nerves and the brain, causing the sufferer to forget some people and events in his life.
  • Traumatic memory loss: It is caused by accidents and trauma to the head and led to brain cell damage, which leads to memory loss, whether for a short or long period.
  • Temporary amnesia: It is caused by exposure to psychological trauma, which leads to some people forgetting temporarily.
  • Global amnesia: which leads to forgetting all the information, people and events that were in the memory of the sufferer before.


The problem of memory loss is not an incurable problem. It can be treated partially or completely, using many methods and means depending on the type of injury, such as: trying to remind the victim of information about his past life through sessions with the psychiatrist, or displaying information and memories of the injured using technological means. And supplying the patient with some vitamins that lead to strengthening memory.

Causes of memory loss

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