The young man bonds with the girl with the intention of forming a stable family full of children; Most married couples think about having children after six months of marriage. If pregnancy does not occur, the couple becomes anxious and afraid of not having children, so they go to the doctor to find out the reason and solve the problem early before they get old, and treatment becomes somewhat difficult.

The delay in childbearing may be caused by health problems from the man or the woman or both, so when going to the doctor it is preferable that they be together.

Reasons for delayed childbearing in men

  • Bad psychological state: it is one of the most things that cause delay in childbearing in men; The number of sperms in the semen is affected by the psychological state. The better the psychological situation, the greater the chance of procreation.
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, or due to neurological and vascular problems in the man’s body.
  • Congenital defects in the male reproductive system: These defects may be a cause of low sperm production or the inability of semen to reach the vagina and complete the process of fertilization, the most common of which are urethral defects.
  • Obstruction of the transporting sperm vessel or obstruction of the epididymis, which is the male reproductive organ.
  • Premature ejaculation: This is a problem that many men suffer from, as they are unable to complete sexual intercourse, which does not deliver sperm to the vagina and insemination occurs.
  • Excess of distorted sperms in the semen as a result of exposure to various radiations or chemotherapy.

Reasons for delayed childbearing in women

  • Polycystic ovaries: It means that the wall of the egg is too thick for the sperm to penetrate the shell and complete the fertilization process.
  • The lack of estrogen hormone, which leads to problems in the dates of the menstrual cycle and thus the inability to know the time of ovulation to complete the process of intercourse and the occurrence of vaccination.
  • Congenital defects in the female reproductive system, such as adhesion of the ducts in the uterus.
  • Increasing the acidity of the substance secreted by the woman during intercourse, which leads to killing all sperms and not utilizing them to complete the insemination.
  • The ovary is exposed to cysts or tumors forming in it.
  • Weight gain, which leads to the inability of the uterus to accept a fetus in it.
  • High prolactin (milk) hormone in the body, and this is a simple problem that can be solved by taking medications that reduce the amount of the hormone.
  • Fallopian tubes insufficiency.

Reasons for delayed childbearing resulting from lack of knowledge

  • Not knowing the appropriate days for intercourse to complete the insemination, which are four days that begin twelve days after the first day of the menstrual cycle. fertilization of the ovum

Reasons for delayed childbearing

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