Brain cancer causes

Normal cells of the body depend for their work on the information contained in deoxyribonucleic acid, for short, DNA, which is the chemical component of genes. Some of these genes, called oncogenes, control the growth and division of body cells, and others control the death of others. Although the causes of cancer formation in the brain are not known, chromosomal DNA changes that affect the functioning of the previously mentioned genes have an impact on its formation. We mention these genetic changes as follows:[1]

  • Inherited genetic changes: These changes lead to rare genetic diseases such as neurofibromatosis and tuberous sclerosis, and increase the risk of brain tumors.
  • Acquired genetic changes: Despite the prevalence of these changes, the reasons that may lead to the infection of a person who does not suffer from genetic diseases with this type of cancer are not known, and there is no clear relationship between lifestyle factors and brain cancer, with the exception of radiation exposure. .

Brain tumor risk factors

Risk factors vary according to the type of cancer, and there are several factors that increase the likelihood of developing brain cancer, but the presence of these factors does not mean that it is inevitable.[2]

Radiation exposure

Radiation exposure is the only proven risk factor for brain tumors.[2] The risk of developing these tumors increases when exposed to ionizing radiation, such as radiation from the explosion of atomic bombs and radiation used in radiotherapy.[3]

Other factors

There are other risk factors that may contribute to an increased chance of developing brain tumors, including the following:[2]

  • obesity;
  • Human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS.
  • aging

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Brain cancer causes

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