genetic causes

Scientists have not been able to determine the main cause of bipolar disorder, but there are a number of factors that may play a role in its infection, and genetic factors are one of the factors that increase the chance of developing this disease, as the risk of developing the disease increases in If a first-degree relative has it; Like parents and siblings, scientists have not been able to determine the genes responsible for the disease so far, and it should be noted that having these genes does not necessarily mean the disease, as some studies have shown that one of the identical twins may develop bipolar disease and the other twin does not, Although he carries the same genes.[1][2]

Environmental reasons

There are a number of environmental factors that increase the risk of developing bipolar disease, such as exposure to severe psychological stress, or suffering from a health problem, and each of these factors affects the development of the problem of bipolar disease differently, and it should be noted that some people may have the genes responsible for the disease, but they do not show any of the symptoms of the disease clearly until they are exposed to one of the environmental stimuli.[3][4]

Biological causes

In most cases in which people suffer from bipolar disease, they are accompanied by some biological or physical changes in the affected person’s brain, and scientists have not been able to determine the link between these changes and disease. Examples of these reasons are; Having problems with neurotransmitters in the brain; It plays an important role in many psychological and mood problems, including bipolar disorder, and having some hormonal disorders may increase the chance of developing the disease.[4]

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Causes of bipolar disease

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