back pain

A person is exposed to many daily pressures that cause pain to the members of his body, such as back pain, which has become widespread nowadays, as his pain does not stop at these pressures, but also extends to include the wrong behaviors that a person practices in his life.

Back pain is mainly related to the vertebrae that make up the spine, cartilage, and nerves in the back area, so when a person suffers from back pain, he feels strong pain, making him unable to do any effort or any work most of the time.

Causes of back pain

  • The person carrying heavy objects, over time, tires the muscles and ligaments in the back area, which leads to great pain in the body.
  • Injury to the cartilage that makes up the layer separating the vertebrae, swelling, and rupture, which leads to an imbalance in the material in between the vertebrae, which leads to pressure on the nerves and the formation of pain.
  • The incidence of arthritis in the vertebrae in the spine, and thus a narrowing and reduction of the area surrounding the spinal cord, and this condition leads to exposure to the occurrence of back pain, and this problem is called narrowing of the spine.
  • A person doing many wrong actions, such as sitting in an incorrect and unhealthy way for long hours, leads to a defect in the back, often deviating to one side, and thus a feeling of pain in the back area.
  • Osteoporosis, which leads to pressure on the vertebrae of the spine, and thus the inability of the back to bear these pressures, and the occurrence of ruptures and cracks in these vertebrae.
  • Cancer, and some other diseases, such as kidney disease, cause a person to feel pain in the back area.

Back pain symptoms

  • Feeling of aches in the muscles of the spine, and the neck area.
  • Loss of the ability to stand upright, especially when a person sits incorrectly for a long time.
  • Pain in the lower area of ​​the feet.
  • Loss of ability to perform any type of movement that requires flexibility.
  • Feeling of multiple periods of pain in the back area.

Ways to get rid of back pain

  • Sleeping properly, taking into account the use of pillows of the appropriate size, and trying to give the body a period of rest.
  • Following a healthy diet full of calcium and vitamins in order to maintain a normal body weight, through which a person can reduce the pressure on the back muscles.
  • Doing exercises gradually, without too much, to help strengthen the bones and muscles of the body.
  • Use some natural recipes to get rid of back pain and infections, such as applying cold water compresses and warm water compresses.

Causes of back pain

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