Rotate car tires

The process of recycling car tires revolves around some of the main steps and they are as follows:[1]

  • Collect worn tires by purchasing them from consumers or collecting them from waste dumping sites.
  • Processing tires into small parts in two ways: first, mechanically shredding them, or freezing them with liquid nitrogen, then passing them through a hammer that turns them into small shreds.
  • Extracting the metal wires inside the tires and then transporting those metals to their own recycling plants.
  • Inspect all torn rubber pieces to ensure there are no other materials left except rubber, then wash them.
  • Sending the product to factories that use rubber as raw materials to be manufactured again.

Used tires

Recycled tires are used in many fields, so that recycling operations have contributed greatly in recent years to preserving the environmental level and reducing the production cost of some materials. It can be used as a shock absorber in the streets or shredded into small pieces and placed on the floors of sports stadiums, and the recycled rubber is also used as a fuel to run factories so that it releases less polluting gases to the environment than fossil fuels.[2]

car tire symbols

Tires contain some symbols that indicate important information about the tire that must all be taken into account when choosing a tire for a vehicle, including the following:[3]

  • The type of tire, which indicates the type of vehicle that uses the tire.
  • Width-to-height ratio.
  • Frame load rate by weight.
  • Measure the tire’s girth.
  • Tire wear and friction index as well as top speed.
  • Heat resistance of the frame.
  • The average gas pressure inside the tire plus its maximum.
  • Serial Number.

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