Protect the car from the sun

Covering the car and protecting it from the hot sun, which negatively affects it by damaging and cracking the paint, is often neglected, and many negatives that affect not only the exterior structure of the car, but also spoil the interior upholstery and expose it to cracks and rips, and one of the basics of maintaining the car is covering it well from the sun’s rays. The sun, and the application of a number of steps that we will mention to you during this article.[1]

Protect your car interior from the sun

To protect your car from the sun, do the following:[2]

  • Parking the car in the shade is the easiest form of protection for the car by avoiding exposing the car to direct sunlight, protecting the interior upholstery and not exposing it to cracking and dryness caused by high and low temperatures, and the windows can be opened a little while parking the car if the place is safe to lower the temperature and equalize the air pressure inside it.
  • Using the windshield sun visor, which is sold at cheap prices, and is placed in the car from the inside on the dashboard to protect it, and it may be a method that many do not know, but it saves a lot of money and keeps the dashboard in excellent condition, and it is better to keep it clean, especially from dust because it scratches surfaces.
  • If windshields are not available, or if the windows are not tinted, it is advisable to put cloth protectors on the seats, and they are ready in the car accessories stores, they keep them clean and protect them from the sun.
  • If the car seats are made of leather, and they are not covered, they should be wiped with a special moisturizer for leather furniture that is available in the furniture markets, or in the auto parts markets, as it protects the leather fabric from cracks caused by sunlight, and keeps it cool.

Protect the exterior of the car from the sun

To protect the exterior of the car from the sun, do the following:[3]

  • Sunlight and water crack the paint and make it dull, so it is recommended to dry the car well with a piece of cloth, or wash the car at night to avoid, and it is also advised to paint a layer of special wax on it in the shops specialized in this matter; Because it protects the car from sunlight, and reduces scratches on the car from dust.
  • Check tire pressure; Because the hot sun rays heat the pavement on which the car is lined up, and leads to tire inflation, which may lead to tire explosion, and you must follow the instructions of the tire manufacturer to know the appropriate air pressure for the car tires.
  • In order to protect the car’s engine, it is necessary to check its cooling system through a routine examination, and to make sure that water is added on a daily basis, especially on hot days when the water under the car hood evaporates.
  • The high and direct heat from the sun’s rays accelerates the damage of the car battery, so the complete outer protective cover of the car must be placed, and it is one of the most important things that help protect the car completely from the sun’s rays.

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Protect the car from the sun

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