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Car companies replace side mirrors with cameras and screens

Automakers are replacing traditional side mirrors with cameras and screens at the end.

Lexus already took this step two years ago, when it unveiled the ES digital side view in Japan.

According to the newspaper “Veto”, the new technology reaches the European market where car manufacturers are working to replace the traditional side mirrors with cameras and screens.

It is now available for the ES 300h optionally at £ 1,600 in the UK and provides good visibility to the area next to the car as it removes blind spots completely when turning.

Drivers will now look at two 5-inch screens located at the base of columns A, and cameras are integrated into smaller, more dynamic casings that reduce wind noise at high speeds, and features built-in heaters to protect them from rain and snow drops, and the system comes equipped with a sensor that reduces glare Automatically from the headlights at night, and also includes a blind spot detection device as well.

Other advantages of the side display The car manufacturers are replacing traditional side mirrors with cameras and screens at the end

The side view screen has active functions that provide those who sit behind the wheel with a lot of information about the car such as signals and others, but if this feature is annoying for you you can stop it, and it also has other functions such as the reference lines for the distances in the back and forward on the road.

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It is noteworthy that the Japanese company Lexus is presenting this new technology at the Geneva Motor Show 2020 next month.

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