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Saturday January 18, 2020

Canadian Prime Minister calls for sending the black boxes of the stricken Ukrainian plane to France

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Iran Friday to send the black boxes of the ill-fated Ukrainian plane that shot down a “mistake” on January 8 to France for analysis. He also asked her to compensate the families of the victims. Trudeau, for his part, announced emergency assistance to Canadians, who had lost family members in the disaster.

Student Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Iran Friday sent the black boxes to the stricken Ukrainian plane that Dropped “wrong” January 8, to a laboratory in France for analysis.

He also announced emergency assistance to Canadians who lost family members in the disaster and called on Iran to quickly compensate them.

“Only a few countries, like France, have laboratories that are able to do this,” Trudeau said at a press conference. “It will be the right place to send.” The two black boxes To get useful information quickly, this is what we encourage the Iranian authorities to agree to do. “

Of the 176 people killed in this disaster, 57 are Canadians. Trudeau revealed that 28 others were holding permanent residence in Canada.

“The black boxes were subjected to great damage, and it is extremely important (…) that they be analyzed as soon as possible,” Trudeau said.

He said, “The French certainly offered to conduct the analysis, and the international community, including Canadian experts, could be present in this process.”

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristiciko announced that Iran was ready to move the black boxes to Kiev.

Trudeau said that the families of Canadians who died in the disaster would receive 25,000 Canadian dollars (17,000 euros) in immediate government assistance to help them pay for travel and prepare for funerals.

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“I will be clear. We expect Iran to compensate these families. I have met them, they cannot wait weeks. They need immediate help,” he said.

He pointed out that the first dead bodies of the Canadian people will be transferred “in the coming days.”

Canada cut diplomatic ties with Iran in 2012 to protest Tehran’s support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Iranian-Canadian meeting

In the same context, Canadian Foreign Minister Francois Philippe Champagne met his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, for the first time in the Sultanate of Oman, according to his office in a statement.

In a statement issued by the Canadian Foreign Ministry, it was stated that “Minister Zarif expressed his deep regret over this terrible tragedy” and Champagne informed him that the families of the victims are “in anger.”

She added that the two ministers discussed “the necessity for Iran to facilitate the arrival of representatives of Canada and other countries concerned” with the aim of making sure in particular of “a transparent analysis of the data of the black box, which was agreed upon by Iran.”

They also discussed the “duty” that Iran has towards the families of the victims “including compensation”, and the Canadian minister stressed Tehran’s “cooperation”.

Champagne conveyed to his counterpart requests in this regard by the countries affected by the disaster (Canada, Britain, Ukraine, Sweden and Afghanistan) after their representatives met Thursday in London.


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