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Friday February 14, 2020

Can you die from a “broken heart” … a life-threatening syndrome caused by psychological trauma

Most of us have experienced a kind of feeling of sadness and sorrow before, whether due to the divorce or death of a loved one, these events may make us feel shocked, but is it possible that you die because of a broken heart? .. Although the idea seems far or fanciful However, doctors and researchers say it may happen, according to the Cliffend Clinic website.

Broken Heart Syndrome
Broken Heart Syndrome

Feeling trauma or pain increases stress hormones, and the increase of these hormones causes heart failure in the short term, which can be life threatening, and strong negative emotions such as depression, anger, and fear have been linked to heart disease.

How can sadness cause a heart attack?

A broken heart syndrome is also called cardiomyopathy Takotsubo, Which is named after the Japanese doctor who identified this disease, and this occurs in response to sudden emotional stress – especially sadness – which is more common in women than in men.

Mark Gillenov, a cardiologist, explained that “broken heart syndrome” may be caused by hormonal factors and arterial contractions, and this can lead to a heart attack, but heart attacks are caused by a blood clot in the arteries.

And for inexplicable reasons, a person will experience a massive increase in adrenaline that can stimulate a heart attack, as the heart muscle stops contracting, and a heart attack will appear, even when performing an electrocardiogram.

Most of the time, when convulsions subside and blood flow resumes, heart failure is usually resolved, if heart failure does not improve, it may cause death in very rare cases.

Does depression increase the risk of heart disease?

People with depression are more likely to develop heart disease, and vice versa. If you have heart disease, you are at risk of developing depression.

The association is strong enough that anyone with depression must be screened for heart disease, and heart patients must be evaluated for their risk of depression, so treating one disease reduces the risk of the other.

Patients suffering from heart disease may find that participation in cardiac rehabilitation helps to achieve psychological comfort and prevents depression. Likewise, patients with depression who exercise can reduce the risk of a heart attack and feel more optimistic about the process.

broken heart
broken heart

How can anger and fear affect your blood pressure?

Negative emotions cause high blood pressure, and increase the interaction of blood vessels and the possibility of blood clots, which is why stressful emotions can lead to a heart attack in people at risk.

On the other hand, positive emotions can help people with heart disease live longer, as people with strong social networks and close emotional relationships with others have fewer heart conditions and tend to be better off if they have heart disease.

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