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Sunday May 31, 2020

Camping in Capacity Lakes Dubai

Dubai is one of the most important Emirati cities that contain many picturesque artificial lakes, as it is considered the best places that can be spent on the weekend for all lovers of spending the best times in the nature and desert, in which there are the best places designated for barbecues and doing many different activities, Besides being in the lakes of ability.

Lake of ability

Lakes ability is part of -Marmum Desert Reserve, which is one of the most comfortable and quiet reserves in Dubai, as it is easily accessible from the heart of the city Dubai, it is located along the -Qudra Street “D 63”, you can reach it through Dubai or Ain Road or Emirates Street, where you pass A group of Lakes chains in Qudra, with the aim of listening to the best picnic and spending time in entertainment, hiking and getting to know this place, But be careful and pay attention to the road while driving because most roads contain bumpy places, so it is preferable to go to it in a fourwheel drive vehicle, as it is one of the best ways to go to it easily and enjoy spending time with it.[1]

The most important activities of ability lakes

Capacity Lakes are artificial lakes that were made in the heart of the desert, as it is considered one of the places that won great popularity in the year 2015 AD, and many prefer to go and be in this place where it has many expansions to become one of the most suitable places for camping or barbecue and spend the most beautiful and best times with Your family or friends, there are many activities that you can do and explore the place around you.[2]

Lake of Love

When you visit Lake of Love, which is one of the most important newly created lakes, it is one of the most important elements of the ability lakes, which are considered one of the most activities that can be taken during tours and enjoy the beauty of the lake, as this lake consists of two lakes carved in the form of overlapping hearts, and the lake is filled Love the presence of many heartslike decorations, which serve as a kind of wonderful backgrounds for the most beautiful pictures, especially selfies, and there is also a path dedicated to jogging around the lake, and this lake is fully equipped with many areas that have umbrellas to sit on and enjoy the view.


It contains more than 170 species of birds and animals that fill its name, creating an atmosphere of joy for the place, such as black pelicans, ducks, flamingos, and other birds that are of the endangered type, and also there are many wild animals that include deer, and foxes And rabbits, where it is prohibited to hunt animals and eat this place.

Enjoy the sunset

There are many interesting activities that you can do during your visit to the Lakes of Power, that you enjoy the most beautiful sunset you have seen, amid the clear and golden desert sands that reflect the sunset view, without any kind of disability to this wonderful view, which is represented in the presence of the most beautiful colors Mixed together as orange, red and yellow.

Doing biking

Qudra Lakes has many paths for bicycles, which are approximately 86 km long, it is considered one of the best paths in Dubai, where it starts at the starting point, the first point starts from the villas for sale in the Mira Oasis and the other point is at the trek store Pike, which is located near Saih -Salam, where both locations are located in the best places for lakes where there are places designated for cars and a group of different restaurants, where it is easy to stand up to them and search for places to rent bicycles in the Tic store, this store contains a large variety of bikes equipment About riding, but there are a bunch of instructions including:

  • Track opening times: throughout the day
  • Entrance ticket: free of charge
  • Bicycle rental store opening hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • For more information call: 04 832 7377

Last power

Last Exit is located at the entrance to Qudra Lakes, it is one of the most famous places where you can find food cars and where all food tastes are located, as it allows you to choose from them and also a special place for toilets,

  • Location: on the outskirts of the Saih Salam desert – the end of the road of ability
  • Times: daily from 10:00 am – 12:00 midnight

Important advice when increasing capacity lakes

  • Because there are power lakes in the desert, it is preferable to drive them in an SUV so that it will make it easier for you to move on the bumpy road and move smoothly, but if the visit is fast and is limited to having only the entrance and the cycling area, you can do it with regular cars.
  • If you do not exist in the Lake of Love, the ability lakes do not contain any kind of facilities such as the presence of any restaurants, bathrooms or baths located around the nearby desert area, so you must know this before going there and preparing yourself.
  • Be careful not to throw garbage, as there are a lot of animals that this habit is considered a kind of harm to them, you must get rid of waste in bags and dispose of them in garbage places before you leave.
  • Comfortable and warm clothing must be worn because the place is cooler at night, if it continues in the sessions until the evening.

Camping warnings in ability

If you want to go for the purpose of barbecue or camping in the most beautiful places of the Dubai desert, you must take into account many of the obligations and instructions for camping, as many signs were inserted in the lake warning citizens not to adhere to the instructions, whoever makes any kind of waste is added A fine of 500 dirhams, as done Adding more than 35 signs, and his car plate has been marked, and this amount will be doubled if the violation is repeated, this waste includes throwing waste in the desert, and warning against setting fire and gathering around at night.

In spite of these warnings and banners, there are many people who do not abide by them, and there are many tents in which the fires are lit, and this is what made the Dubai Bid begin to impose fines in order to comply, as it also intensified its efforts to get rid of garbage, where there was A large amount of waste around the lake and lying in the desert, where at least a daily collection is collected 2000 bags of waste, adding at least 200 garbage bins, more warning signs and more than 20 cleaners, As the municipality confirmed that despite all this, it tried to avoid fining people as much as possible, but we noticed that the situation is getting worse as the place continues to attract more visitors.
Lakes of ability is a different kind of recreational tourism that creates in our lives a kind of familiarity between one family or between a group of friends, spending time together and enjoying the company and the space of the happiest times, but this place works to broadcast many positive energies in order to complete life, whether in Work or study, it’s a great experience to have. [3]

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