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Tuesday October 6, 2020

Camera phone Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ranks tenth in DxOMark lists

DxOMark announced the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera, which came in tenth place, with 130 points for image quality, and 101 points for video quality.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra returns in the DxOMark lists to the tenth place, as experts confirmed by DxOMark that the phone was not the most suitable competitor for the phones that received the highest rating from Xiaomi and Apple and also less than the Galaxy S20 Ultra phone.

Image quality tests on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra revealed:


  • bright colours
  • An acceptable level of detail in photos
  • Wide dynamic range with accurate exposure
  • Well crisp detail when zoomed in for long range shots
  • White balance, accurate exposure in ultra-wide shots
  • Good exposure and colors in scenes shot in low light
  • More detail when shooting portrait with flash.


  • Clear eye noise when photographing in low light
  • Inaccurate measurements of white balance were observed in some tests
  • Unstable autofocus when performing standard tests in vitro
  • Visual noise in ultra-wide shots

Also, tests of the quality of video recording in the phone revealed the following:


  • Often wide dynamic range with fine exposure
  • bright colours
  • Effective stabilization with handheld video recording
  • Fast autofocus performance.


  • Unstable auto focus feature when changing some conditions
  • A visual balance of white that extends inward or outward
  • Change in colors and texture and the appearance of slalom in some circumstances

Recall that Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with a 108 mega-pixel main sensor with an f / 1.8 lens slot, a 12 mega-pixel telephoto sensor and an f / 3.0 lens slot with optical stabilization, 5 times zoom, and a hybrid zoom of up to 50 times.

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The third sensor also comes with wide viewing angles, 12 mega pixel resolution and f / 2.2 lens slot, while the phone includes a 10 mega pixel camera and f / 2.2 lens slot in the front camera.


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