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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Cadillac continues to revolutionize the automotive sector after 11 …

Cadillac was created in 1902, and from the earliest beginnings it was evident that there was something different about Cadillac, with innovation being an essential part of the brand’s merits.

Founded by Henry Leland, Cadillac has recorded remarkable achievements since its inception by introducing many innovations that were the first of their kind in the automotive sector.

Moving quickly to the present day, we find that the brand is the leader when it comes to cuttingedge technologies, striking designs and high performance.

There is no doubt that Cadillac has continued to shape the current automotive landscape with remarkable innovations over the past 118 years.

For example, Cadillac was the first company to introduce interchangeable spare parts in cars, and this included the electronic automatic starter, the ignition and lighting system, and this was a significant development and the first of its kind compared to any car in general production at the time. In addition to this, another feature that is the first of its kind in the world was the fully enclosed interior, which was unknown before that time. This cabin not only protected from many elements, but also added safety.


We may have heard the phrase “It’s the Cadillac of …”, which indicates how sophisticated the brand is today.

In 1927, Cadillac employed Harley Earl to design the “Lasalle” convertible coupe that was the first car to be designed based on the concepts and foundations of a specialist designer. The result was an elegant car that brought with it a general design philosophy that made the Cadillac brand so wellknown and distinguished in terms of beauty and luxury.

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Today, Cadillac continues to truly innovate. Take the Super Cruise, for example, it has redefined autonomous driving in a way unlike any other. Unlike other similar systems that simply rely on cameras and sensors, the Super Cruise augments all this LiDar technology and map data as an extra layer of safety in order to ensure accurate autonomous driving performance.


And more recently, Cadillac revealed its vision for the Lyric range of electric vehicles, as Cadillac will redefine total American luxury over the next decade with convertible electric vehicles. LYRIQ is based on GM’s nextgeneration standard electric vehicle platform and is powered by the advanced Ultium propulsion system, enabling Cadillac to give customers a wide variety of options in terms of distance and performance.


With distance being one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting an electric vehicle, Cadillac is designing Lyric to provide a range of over 300 miles when fully charged, based on internal test results.

But that’s not all, as Cadillac is also poised to launch the iconic 2021 Escalade that has been completely redesigned, offering enhanced levels of driving dynamics with greater passenger handling and load capacity. The Escalade, now in its fifth generation, is a longestablished name for a vehicle that has been on the road for more than 20 years, and is equipped with many exclusive features in the automotive sector, and some advanced technologies first of its kind in the market such as a curved OLED screen and the first AKG audio system for cars. .

While keeping safety at the forefront of everything it does, Cadillac is working on equipping the new Escalade for the year 2021 with the OnStar system, which is GM’s pioneering invehicle safety and security system, providing customers with enhanced levels of safety and security, in addition to connectivity features and WiFi technology All this to allow you to stay in touch at all times.

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In general, and throughout its rich history that extends over 118 years ago, Cadillac may have contributed to the development of the automotive sector more than any other brand, and it continues to do this and remains a prominent force in this field as it continues to paint the general scene of the automotive sector to this day.

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