Walking sport

Walking is considered one of the most important and easiest types of sports, due to its ease of practice by young and old alike. Walking has health and psychological benefits for humans. Walking is an integral part of other types of sports. We took up walking to talk about its benefits and effective role in ridding the body of fat and burning it, and the problem of accumulated fat has become a matter of concern to many, especially those in the buttocks and abdomen areas.

The importance of walking

  • Walking helps burn calories in the body, and therefore it rids the body of accumulated fat, and thus access to a slim and slim body, because it contributes to burning fat accumulated under the skin, so that an hour of average walking contributes to burning 280 calories.
  • Walking helps reduce cholesterol in the blood and raises good cholesterol, so it is an important sport in the prevention of many diseases: diabetes, heart disease, colon diseases and others.
  • Walking is an important sport in maintaining the integrity of the bones and joints of the body, because it strengthens the bones of the body and prevents osteoporosis and rheumatism diseases, and gets rid of joint pain.
  • Walking is a sport that helps in treating many psychological problems, because walking in quiet rural areas gives psychological comfort.
  • Activating blood circulation in the human body, so walking rejuvenates activity, and contributes to raising the level of energy.
  • Walking in the morning helps increase focus and strengthen memory.
  • Walking contributes to moving the muscles and preventing the accumulation of harmful fats in the muscles.

Walking tips to burn fat

It is important to follow the correct rules for practicing this sport, and the most important of these instructions are:

  • Wear comfortable sports clothes, preferably cotton, to ensure that the body does not sweat.
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate shoes for men.
  • Practicing walking in large areas, and not resorting to narrow areas.
  • It is preferable to exercise in the early morning hours; Because walking gives the body energy and helps in carrying out our daily activities with activity and vitality. It can also be practiced at sunset hours, because the sun’s rays are not hot and appropriate at this time.
  • Drink water during the exercise, in order to keep the body from dehydration.
  • Starting to walk slowly, so as not to put pressure on the muscles of the body and cause pain in the muscles of the body, and gradually increase the speed of walking
  • Taking the correct position of the body while walking, so that the back is straight, and the hands are proportional to the movement of the legs.
  • Do not walk in air polluted with car smoke, so as to get a large amount of oxygen and fresh air.

Burn fat by walking

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