On the ruins of the ancient city of Balasagon, the Burana Tower overlooks, towering in its intricate details, unique in its composition as one of the most prominent and oldest architectural buildings in the Central Asian region, witnessing the prosperity and civilization of the vanished city of Balasagon, bearing within it a wondrous legend, woven by the finest image of architecture, and meticulous design This memorial has become one of the most important places that visitors flock to this time.

Burana Tower

Burana Tower

The Burana Tower or the Burana Minaret, as some call it, is a high-rise edifice, built on the ruins of the ancient city of Balasagon, (which is as mentioned by Yakut al-Hamawi in Mu’jam al-Buldan: a great country in the outposts of the Turks behind the Sihon River near Kashgar), specifically behind the peaks The snow-capped mountain range is located about 80 km east of the country’s capital, Bishkek, near the town of Tokmok in northern Kyrgyzstan, which is officially known as the Kyrgyz Republic.

The history of the zodiac

Burana Tower
A close up of the spiral staircase from inside the Burana Tower..

The history of this tower dates back to about 1000 years, which was part of a mosque in the city of Balasagon, which was founded by the Qarakhanids in the ninth century. The tower remains the only witness to the prosperity of Plasagoon today.

The tower was originally built with a height of about 45 meters, to reach its current height to about 25 meters, due to the destruction and natural factors that have occurred throughout the ages, in addition to the massive damage caused by earthquakes that led to a decrease in the structure of the tower, the last of which was during the 15th century However, visitors and tourists can still climb to the top of the tower and discover it, through the external stairs, and the internal circular staircase as well.

repair it

The tower was restored again, in the middle of the 19th century, as some Russian scientists made a detailed study of it, and in accordance with what was issued by the Soviet authorities, the necessary measures were taken to preserve this architectural monument, study its foundations and surrounding panels, and in 1970-197, Some employees of the Ministry of Culture of Kyrgyzstan were summoned, to cooperate with them in restoring the destroyed places on the remaining scale of the tower, and the base was also restored.

spider legend

Burana Tower

The legend says that the tower was not part of a mosque as it is circulating, but that it carries with it a story witnessed by many people in that period, where the legend tells of a strong man with influence and authority, his wife gave birth to a beautiful girl, to achieve his dream that has long been attached to him So, the man decided to celebrate the birth of his daughter, so he held a great banquet during which he invited the wise men, as well as all the fortune-tellers in the city.

The purpose of inviting the clairvoyants was to know the future of his daughter, which he thought would be a brilliant future, full of happiness and power as is the case with him, but his hopes and his happy thoughts were dashed, to be replaced by panic, fear and branch, when a man of those present surprised him, who was one of the wise, to tell him His daughter will die from a fatal spider bite, as soon as she reaches the age of 16.

protection tower

Burana Tower

Chaos and pandemonium prevailed in the place, and the party turned into a funeral, and the man began to think carefully to find a quick solution through which he could protect his only daughter, and keep her isolated from all that might harm her, and so he finally settled on building a high tower, which prompted him to hire the most famous engineers in At that time, the most acquainted with architecture, who was able to erect the tower so ingeniously, with a very distinctive geometric pattern, that he made it of bricks instead of the painted tiles more common at the time.

Thus, the man kept his daughter alone inside the tower, and the servants brought her the most delicious and delicious foods, which are delivered through the ladder placed in front of the tower, in addition to a group of servants who were sent periodically to clean the tower, which prevents the arrival of any kind of spiders inside it.

By the girl’s 16th birthday, her father rushed to her with a basket of various fruits, grateful that his daughter was still alive, but he was in a hurry, so he failed to notice the poisonous spider inside the basket, which fatally bit his daughter, As soon as she reaches out her hand to the fruit, in a final scene the wise man’s prophecy is fulfilled.

Tower configuration

Burana Tower

The Burana Tower consists of a basic base on which it rests. It is built of stone and smooth bricks, which is 5.6 meters high. Its surface is round and decorated with several lines designed alternately, from which emerges the upper part bearing the form of a quadrangular platform, its eastern and northern faces lined with blocks of ornate marble.

In contrast to the staircase designed for visitors to climb, there is a spiral staircase made of bricks, which is hardly enough for one person to pass, which indicates the great accuracy in its construction. , where there is a series of towering mountains, in addition to a group of antique stone tablets, carved for centuries in the form of men and women.

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