Buhraz city

The city of Buhraz is one of the oldest Iraqi cities that knew the ancient Amorite Babylonian civilization of Eshnunna, and it was an extension of it. It was mentioned in the books of Yaqut al-Hamawi. Its people are educated and creative people throughout its long history.

Buhraz city location

Buhraz is located in the Iraqi Republic, specifically in the eastern part of it. It is administratively affiliated to Diyala Governorate, located to the south of Baquba District, about five kilometers away from it.

The origin of the name Buhrz

According to the historian Mustafa Jawad, and also Ahmed Al-Rajibi Al-Hasani Al-Baqoobi, the name of the city of Buhraz is due to the fact that it is composed of two syllables, namely: Bu and Herz, and this name refers to the name of one of the Persian kings, who was a leader of the city in the past.

Buhraz clans

Many clans inhabited the city of Buhrz, the most famous of which are: the Al-Zubaid clan, as well as the Shammar, the Nadwat, and the Albu Amer clan, in addition to the Al-Zuhairiya clan, and Al-Sawa’id.

The most important landmarks of the city of Buhrz

Natural attractions abound in the city of Buhraz, which is the first element of attraction for tourists when visiting this beautiful city. A lake on the western side of the city is crescent-shaped.

The most famous landmarks of the city of Buhraz are the mosques and the ancient shrines located there, and the most famous of its mosques is the Abu Al Ghaith Mosque, which is also located in the tomb of the Prophet Daniel. Aisha, and also the Al-Quddus Mosque, in addition to the Al-Tawbah Mosque, and the Al-Noor Mosque.

The city includes many hospice; The Bakr al-Sheikhly hospice, as well as Sheikh Thabet, in addition to the Sheikh Hashem al-Khashali hospice, and there is the Tekke Yusef al-Marsoumi, and the Abbasid Qandar is still one of the most important historical archaeological evidence in the city, in addition to the castle, which is known as the Sunni. Al-Naqib, in addition to the dome of any age, and several archaeological mounds, numbering more than fifty mounds.

Neighborhoods of Buhraz

This city includes many neighborhoods, some of which are residential and others commercial, the most famous of which is the Salam neighborhood, which was formerly known as Saddam’s neighborhood, as well as the Taakhi neighborhood, which was previously known as the Qadisiyah neighborhood, and there is the Al-Asri neighborhood, and the Arab Knight neighborhood, in addition to the Al-Zohour neighborhood, which was previously known as Al-Dawasir neighborhood. .

Agriculture in the city of Buhrz

The city of Buhrz is one of the agricultural cities in Iraq, even to say that it is the orchard of Iraq, where palm cultivation is widespread, and citrus cultivation flourishes; Mandarin and orange, in addition to lemon, and bitter orange, and many types of fruits are grown in them.

Buhraz city