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Thursday October 1, 2020

British investigation: The UAE supports Islamophobia in Europe

The World – UAE

The site stated that the new form of Islamophobia started with the American and Israeli extreme right and ended with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, stressing that the idea of ​​linking Islam with terrorism belongs to the leaders of the UAE, its allies and dictators around the world.

The site began by talking about a recorded speech by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan delivered to the United Nations General Assembly last week, in which he said that the Hindu government in New Delhi is the biggest sponsor of hatred and prejudice against Islam, and that it represents a threat to 200 million Muslims in India.

He said that Hindu nationalists “believe that India is a country of Hindus only and the rest are not equal citizens.”

And Khan directed his criticism of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and criticized his record of violations of Muslim rights in Kashmir, describing them as “serious crimes against humanity.” Khan spoke of global trends of Islamophobia and called on the United Nations to announce an international day against Islamophobia.

The site comments that India has definitely become the zero point in the global battle against Islamophobia in the “era of the war on terror”, where members of the BJP and its armed group, Rastria Swayamasivak, do not hide their desire to purify India of Muslims, that is, a quarter of the population of the Islamic world.

He referred to the statements of Rajeshwar Singh, one of the leaders of this extremist armed faction in 2014: “Our goal is to transform India into a Hindu country by 2021.” He said: “Muslims and Christians have no right to stay here, either to convert to Hinduism or force them to leave here.”

To achieve this goal, the Indian government is trying to complicate the life of the Muslim minority and make it unbearable. The Citizenship Law was enacted that discriminates against Muslims and encourages armed groups to practice violence and distort Muslims as invaders bent on terrorism. This is one of the most vicious anti-Islam metaphors.

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The site believes that linking Islam to terrorism and making Muslims the objective target for it in the security discourse is not limited to Indian politics only. Efforts to define a religion and belief in strategies to combat extremist violence and counter terrorism have become an integral part of the politics of Britain and the United States.

What raises the fear is the way in which the spread of anti-Islamic rhetoric has evolved over the past four decades.

Efforts to make Islamophobia a part of the public discourse and link Islam with terrorism can be linked to an international conference on international terrorism for the neoconservatives and the Israeli right held in Tel Aviv in 1979. Among the attendees were George Bush Senior and Menachem Begin, according to Professor Deepa Kumar, author of the book “Islamophobia and an Empire.” The hatred”.

The goal of the conference was to reach an agreement in which elements of the extremist Israeli parties and the American Republican Party would root Palestinian aspirations for liberation in the discourse of terror.

Kumar says that the conference “is a goal for a new beginning and a new process – the process of mobilizing democracies in the world to fight against terrorism and the dangers it poses,” but it did not stress the relationship between terrorism and Islam.

However, this position changed after five years, after a second conference on terrorism was held in Washington, DC. Here, as Kumar says, the neoconservatives in America and the extreme Israeli right linked modern terrorism with Islamic and Arab militancy.

At this conference, Bernard Lewis, author of the book “The Crisis of Islam” presented the first clear intellectual link between terrorism and Islam, and discussed that “Islam is a political religion.” Because terrorism is a political act of violence, the term “Islamic terrorism” applies to him, adding that the same applies to Judaism and Christianity.

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From that moment on, the neoconservatives and the Israeli right began to convince policymakers that “Islamic terrorism” would replace communism as the greatest threat to Western civilization.

The strategic benefit of this alliance was clear. By linking Islam to terrorism, the neoconservatives would gain political coverage for their imperial ambitions in the Middle East, and at the same time the Zionist colonial project in the Palestinian territories would gain support by rallying Western sympathy in their struggle against Palestinian “terrorism”. .

The site quoted a lecturer at New York University, Remy Brolin, as saying that the term terrorism was absent from the American discourse until the coming of Ronald Reagan, who adopted a definition of “a specific, narrow and based on the ideological understanding of terrorism and is the same that was adopted by the neoconservatives in America and the Likudist Zionist movements.”

The rhetoric remained silent and confined to the American far-right until the attacks of September 11, 2001. But the mainstream media’s obsession with Islamic terrorism was present in what Nathan Lynn called the “industry of Islamophobia” – an association of groups that attempted to personally and politically benefit from the demonization of Islam.

Today, Islamophobia is not the root of the great mold in the heart of Western democracies, but rather a cause of the rise of dictatorial fascist movements and violent far-right movements. Without Islamophobia, Donald Trump would not have been the president of the United States. He built a political support base by accusing Barack Obama of being a foreign born Muslim, and he did not provide any evidence for his claim.

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And in 2020, it is surprising that a number of Gulf monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE have risen to become among the countries in the world most supportive of Islamophobia by supporting far-right movements and political movements in Britain, Europe and the United States. It also began spreading and promoting the idea that Islam is the path of terrorism. This is evident from the way these governments have expressed their stance on China’s persecution of Uighur Muslims. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, these movements developed out of fear of Islamist movements and al-Qaeda.

In an article by Foreign Policy: “Based on a number of conversations that took place over the years, we have found that dictatorships in the region sponsor conservative circles and the extreme right in the West that support anti-Islamic agendas.”

She added, “Arab propagandists claim that there is an inherent link between the movement for political reform and the tendencies to diminish the ideologies that led to terrorism. They claim that the extreme right in the West used it to legitimize its arguments and positions.

In 2017, the Intercept website published leaked emails between the UAE ambassador to the United States describing political Islam as “the problem that must be dealt with,” and praising Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “as one willing to deal with the matter.”

Today, it has become a norm for Gulf leaders to pay tribute to President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Modi, and other extremist leaders elected on an anti-Muslim agenda.

In the end, the way Islamophobia developed, spread and became part of the official discourse reveals the efficacy and utility of this form of racism around the world.

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