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Monday May 25, 2020

Britain to abandon Huawei equipment in 5G network infrastructure by 2023 (report)

The UK is apparently in the process of responding to US pressure to restrict the use of Huawei equipment in building fifth-generation networks in the country, as a report indicated Financial Times British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to end the use of Huawei’s equipment completely by 2023.

The report stated that, under the pretext of national security and the concerns arising from the use of the Chinese company equipment in building 5G networks; A group of Tory members pushed the need to remove Huawei equipment used in the country’s 5G infrastructure infrastructure with a timeline until 2023.

The US administration imposed a complete ban on the handling and use of Huawei equipment by American telecommunications companies by a memorandum signed by the US President in May 2019 on the pretext of forming the company a real threat to US national security and allegedly being a spy arm for the Chinese government.

The US prosecution authorities directed the Chinese company to several indictments, including the company manipulating the communication networks that help in its construction, including back doors that allow spying on the countries in which it operates.

On the UK front, this decision is a continuation of an earlier plan developed by the Hunson government to determine how to deal with Huawei equipment necessary to ensure that 5G technology is not delayed in reaching it; As it allowed Huawei’s work in building the fifth generation networks last January, taking into consideration its distance from sensitive areas in the country.


Financial Times

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