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Friday November 27, 2020

Britain launches a new competition system to curb the dominance of Facebook and Google

News Now | Britain – reuters

Britain will impose a new regime of competition next year to prevent Google and Facebook from using their dominance to drive out small businesses and harm consumers.

The law will be enforced by a dedicated unit within the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which this year said it needed new laws to keep tech giants in check.

Competition Regulatory Authority in Britain said that my company, Google And Facebook They dominate digital advertising, with around 80% of the £ 14 billion spent in 2019.

The US companies said they are committed to working with the UK government and regulator on digital advertising, including giving users greater control over their data and the ads that are served to them.

UK Digital Affairs Minister Oliver Dowden said there is a growing consensus that focusing power in a small number of companies limits growth, limits innovation and has negative impacts on the individuals and companies that depend on them.

“The time has come to tackle that and unleash a new era of technological growth,” Dowden said Friday.

The newly established Digital Markets unit, which will go into operation in April, could be granted powers to suspend and block decisions by tech companies and impose financial penalties for non-compliance.

The government said companies will have to be more transparent about how they use consumer data, and restrictions that make it difficult to use competing platforms will be banned, adding that the rules will also support the news industry and restore balance to the relationship between publishers and platforms.

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Study: Facebook and Google are deceiving users
A recent government study revealed that Facebook and Google are pushing users to share private information by offering “limited” default options, despite new European Union data protection laws that aim to give users more control and choice, and the Norwegian Consumer Council found that technology giants’ privacy updates The US government is in conflict with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which forces companies to clarify people’s choices when sharing private information.

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