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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Brazil supports fellow countryman Neymar in a case hit by Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez

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Brazil on Tuesday expressed its support for its citizen Neymar, who was sent off on Sunday after hitting Spanish defender Alvaro Gonzalez, in the last moments of the match that his club Paris Saint-Germain lost against its guest and rivals Marseille, 0-1 in the French League. Like President Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian Ministry in charge of human rights issues announced its support for and standing behind the most expensive player in the world.

The Brazilian government announced Tuesday its support for its citizen Neymar Who was sent off on Sunday after hitting Spanish defender Alvaro Gonzalez, in the last seconds of the meeting that Paris Saint-Germain and his team lost, in front of his guest and rivals Marseille (0 -1) in the French League.

During the meeting there was great tension between the players of the two teams, which forced the referee to announce the yellow card five times in the first half and nine in the second.

Then the tension escalated in stoppage time, which witnessed bilateral altercations between the Argentines Leandro Paredes (Saint-Germain) and Dario Benedetto on the one hand, and Jordan Amavi (Marseille) and Levin Kurzawa expelled them, before Neymar met the same fate as Alvaro Gonzalez hit him without a ball at the moment of engagement .

“Neymar complained about racism”

According to scenes broadcast by the “Telefoot” network, Neymar complained half an hour after the start of the match to the arbitration apparatus, reiterating on several occasions “racism, no!”, Referring to the Marseille defender assigned to watch him who called the Brazilian a monkey according to the latter’s allegations, which the defender denied The Spaniard.

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Like Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who on Monday re-posted a tweet by the international striker accusing Gonzalez of being “the monkey son of a bitch”, the ministry responsible for human rights issues in Brazil stood behind the world’s most expensive player.

“In the face of another case of racism in sport, the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights publicly expresses its solidarity with the player Neymar Junior,” the Brazilian ministry said in a statement, stressing “racism is a crime.”

Suspended for several matches?

The Brazilian star faces the possibility of being suspended for several matches by the Disciplinary Committee in the French League, as is the case for Gonzalez in the event that officials find that Neymar’s claim was true.

The Disciplinary Committee is expected to investigate Neymar’s allegations against Gonzalez, who Marseille claimed was a victim in turn after he was spat on by the Argentine Saint-Germain wing Angel Di Maria.

Any racist behavior leads to a maximum of ten matches being suspended, while spitting directed at another player can lead to a suspension of six matches.

For his part, Kurzawa faces a possible ban of up to seven matches due to his violent behavior after punching Amafi.


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