Black streaks appear on nails

The nails are a solid substance that covers the structures of the fingers on the hands and feet, and the outer layer consists mainly of keratin and protein, and its function is to provide protection, for blood vessels, underlying bones, and nerves and is classified as part of the skin, and the shape and color of the nail is one of the most important means that helps in detection Early detection of some disease states and disorders.

Signs of healthy nail color change

Healthy nails are characterized by their strength, softness and arched shape, and their color tends to pink, and in the event of any difference in shape, color or texture, it is evidence of a health disorder within the human body.

  • Yellow nails: The nails become yellow as a result of not paying attention to the hygiene of the nails well after using nail polish, or the lack of blood reaching the extremities, and it is also an indication of diabetes, various respiratory problems, or lung diseases, and it is possible to treat this condition, by: While cleaning the nail polish well, using materials that are safe on the skin and the nail, it is also recommended to clean the nails with lemon on a regular basis, and to see the doctor to make sure that there is no other health symptom.
  • Black lines: Black lines do not pose any danger, if they are longitudinal or thin transverse lines, as they appear naturally with age, or as a result of the use of some medications, or infection with fungi. 3 millimeters, covering the nail bed and its ends, it is evidence of a type of cancerous tumor, called melanoma, and it is recommended to go to the doctor to take the necessary medical action.
  • Green nails: The green color appears on the nails as a result of the nail being punched, or sudden pressure, or as a result of not paying attention to cleaning the area under the nail, so that the green color indicates the presence of fungi under the nail, and this condition is treated through antifungals determined by the doctor.
  • The white semicircle on the nail is a normal condition that does not indicate any danger or health problem, but rather appears due to a deficiency in the level of calcium in the body from the normal level, and this condition is treated by eating calcium-rich foods, such as eggs and cheese, and drinking milk. .
  • Dull or whitish nails indicate anemia and anemia, and are treated by taking care to eat an integrated healthy food rich in iron and folic acid.
  • White nails: Irregular white dots or scattered white lines may appear on the nail, which is a medical condition known as leukonychia, resulting from the exposure of the nail to light injuries, and it will disappear over time, or as a result of nail erosion, or infection with some diseases, Such as fungi, or psoriasis, or eczema.

Black streaks appear on the nails

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