memory box

Anyone on his birthday can be surprised with a new gift of its kind such as a memory box, and this gift can be prepared by getting a beautifully painted wooden box, sticking the birthday person’s photos inside the box, adding greeting cards to it, and filling the box with his pictures and memories.[1]

Family Kitchen Recipes Box

Special and special recipes for a family member can be used to make a surprise gift by printing one of the recipes on adhesive paper, cutting the sticky paper into small pieces so that each part contains a part of the recipe, then removing the cover from the sticker clips and sticking them carefully in the box, Taking care not to leave air spaces inside.[1]

Camping or going for a picnic

The birthday owner can be surprised by taking him for a picnic to the lake, the park or the beach and spending the whole day together, having drinks and favorite foods, or by going camping, taking care first to rent a suitable tent and paying the camping fees, and enjoying the tent together and lighting the fire And grilled food.[2]

massage work

A foot massage can be a wonderful gift, provided it is presented elaborately, as it includes soaking the feet with special salt, body lotion and essential oil, then massaging them with a special mixture made of 1/8 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of sugar and half a teaspoon of honey.[2]

Make-up and night skincare set

This gift is suitable for women and girls, and it consists of a set of night skin care and other things that the woman needs in order to take care of herself and her beauty, with all these products arranged in one basket of suitable size, suitable shape and easy to carry in order to be able to carry it with her to anywhere she goes.[3]

the reviewer

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