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Friday January 22, 2021

Big Edge update improves security, battery consumption, sync, search, and more

The new Microsoft Edge browser got a major major update in which the company added many advantages, especially to enhance user security to catch up with competition with Chrome.

Edge Browser now has a password-strength monitoring tool, to let you know if you’ve used an easy-to-guess password to change it. It also has a feature to generate difficult random passwords, Microsoft works with these features focusing on what makes Edge a more reliable browser for users.

If you register a new account on one of the sites, or change an old password, the browser will suggest generating a random and difficult one, as well as the censorship tool notifies you in case your login data was previously leaked through a major breach.

Another important feature obtained by Edge is placing the inactive tabs in the “sleep” state, to help save RAM, processor, and battery consumption. You can specify the time the tab will spend inactive before it is switched to sleep mode.

By entering Edge: // settings / system from the address bar, you can specify the sites that do not meet the terms of the tabs hypnosis, to keep you informed of the latest notifications from them even if you are not working on them directly, or to keep them working like YouTube to play songs from them while you work.

Third, the search feature within the sidebar has become available for everyone to search for a term in the search engine without having to leave the tab you are working on.

And greater integration between Edge and Outlook Mail keeps you up to date with the latest three messages, create a new message, and create a meeting, right from the opening of a new tab.

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The synchronization feature between your different devices that use a single Microsoft account now supports browsing history and open tabs, after it used to include only favorites, passwords and filling in fields.

New themes arrive in Edge browser

Finally, if you like themes, there are 24 new themes to customize the browser as you like, in addition to changing the design of icons.

The company started sending the update to its users from today, and it may take a few weeks to reach everyone.



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