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Monday October 26, 2020

Biden is ahead of Trump in the early vote

The world – the Americas

Nine days before the polls, the US Election Project, a study center affiliated with the University of Florida, said that as of Sunday, more than 59 million voters had cast their ballots.

As for the year 2016, there were 57 million voters who voted by early ballot or by mail, according to the website of the US Electoral Assistance Committee, and this increase in the number of voters who chose early voting is caused by their fears of casting their votes in person in the midst of the emerging Corona virus crisis, Or because of concern about the possibility of an election clash between Republican President Donald Trump, who is seeking to win a second term, and Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden.

Democrats, who are pushing for early voting, have made progress on the number of votes cast so far. But it is unclear whether this can be taken as an indication of what the final outcome of the poll might be.

On the other hand, Trump and the Republicans believe that voting by mail may open the door for fraud. Many Republican voters are expected to cast their ballots on Election Day November 3.

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