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Saturday April 4, 2020

Beware buying these foods during quarantine!

The World – Health

The newspaper said, in its report, that the way we acquire our nutrients determines who we are, and researchers at George Washington University identified by studying that our eating habits have direct implications for the formation of microorganisms inside the digestive system, especially the intestine.

The newspaper reported that in recent years, many scientific research has been conducted on this matter, which has proven that these bacteria are responsible for a large part of the physical processes that occur in the body, similar to the color of stool.

She explained that the human body gets rid of red blood cells that are no longer able to transport oxygen in an appropriate way through the liver, which releases the famous bilirubin molecule. Then it is released into the digestive system to get rid of it, where some bacteria feed on this bilirubin and “break it” into other dark brown particles that expel it from our bodies through the digestive system.

The newspaper pointed out that the boredom caused by staying at home for a long time can lead us to eat more food, which leads to a possible increase in weight due to the accumulation of fat. To avoid these problems as much as possible, while we are stuck in our homes, we should start purchasing other types of food and following a healthy diet.


The newspaper pointed out that potatoes are nutritious and delicious food, and it is also versatile. But at the same time, it is one of the foods that have the highest calories, according to the Spanish food composition database.

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She noted that potatoes are not only a source of calories, but also contain essential micronutrients such as folic acid, vitamin C, iron and potassium. It can be replaced by other foods with fewer calories but also contain more nutrients like broccoli.

Sweet foods

The newspaper reported that sugar is among the products that should be avoided. It represents one of the most capable elements of providing us with the energy that humans know. Sweet foods are among the delicious dishes that keep the consumer in mind. One of the reasons consumers are addicted to sweets is its ability to secrete endorphins (the neurotransmitter of pleasure).

She noted that these products are on the black list of type 2 diabetes catalysts, a metabolic disorder in which the body loses the ability to interact with increased levels of insulin, which is responsible for regulating the level of glucose in the blood.

Bread (white)

The newspaper stressed that getting rid of bread in our daily meals is a sacrifice that many Spaniards cannot afford. But bread, especially white, is a calorie bomb because it increases blood glucose levels very quickly.

She explained that this is the reason why getting rid of white bread as soon as possible from our diet, especially during the quarantine period, is necessary.

Processed foods

The newspaper stated that processed foods are among the favorites in our busy lives in the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, the scientific community is unanimous that it is not a healthy food to eat.

In fact, the process of making these foods includes a wide range of additives (especially sugar and salt), which have little or no benefit. And in our regular days, we may have no choice but to resort to it but now, the vast majority of us are at home, so it would be irresponsible not to eat healthier, less vital, and natural foods more.

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