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Friday December 20, 2019

Best Website On the Internet To Find Past Exams Solutions That Will Boost Your Grades

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪old exams website archive‬‏
Past Exams

Many students will struggle at some point in their college life with many classes, especially when they enroll in upper levels classes as most of these subjects need a lot of time to understand and memorize various formulas. Here in this article, we will include every website that will benefit the students and save their time by providing the latest website links.

What are the Past exams?

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪old exams‬‏
Old ExamS

Past exams are basically a series of exams that were taken by students in different levels of classes through the years. Many students are using them secretly especially in the US, which most of the time many professors consider this act as illegal and students must be punished as it will boost the student’s grades without understanding the concepts and materials of the class. On the other hand, other professors are fine, and they even give the students the past exams to help them know the structure of the exam and use these tests as a practice exam.

List of the websites that are providing old exams: (The list will be updated and expanded regularly)

1- Studocu

2- 4Tests

3- Koofers

4 – Coursehero

5- Chegg

Please if you are looking for a specific website or university just drop us a comment, also if you have any other websites you could share them with us!

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