get rid of debts

Saving money depends on several things, the most important of which is getting rid of debt burdens. It is difficult for a person to save money while he is in debt. Therefore, it is advised to allocate a portion of the monthly income to pay off these debts, and over time it will be repaid, and the part that was paid for it is provided easily.[1]

Determine the purpose of saving

Determining the goal of the saving process is the motive and incentive that urges the person to save an amount of money on a regular basis until the goal is achieved, and this method is considered one of the best ways to help save money, for example; Someone wants to buy a house within a maximum period of three years, with a down payment of twenty percent, there is a goal of saving money, and there is a schedule for buying the house which facilitates the process of saving money.[1]

It is one of the best ways to help save and save money, by writing a list of the necessary things and committing to buying them only. The list helps not to buy things that a person does not need and avoid excessive shopping and thus save large amounts of money.[2]

Buy high quality hardware

High-quality devices last longer than low-quality devices, so buying them saves very large amounts of money in the long run, unlike low-quality devices that need to be changed constantly, thus paying large amounts of money, so it is recommended before buying any device to make sure of its quality.[2]

Don’t waste money

Wasting money on things that a person does not need, such as clothes and equipment, and even monthly subscriptions, is one of the things that leads to wasting money and the inability to save, so all redundant things should be disposed of, and money should not be wasted except on the necessities.[3]

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