sticky tape

It is possible to use a special adhesive tape to remove warts, by covering the wart with it for six days, and after the expiration of the period, it is immersed in water and then the dead cells are removed using a pumice stone or a nail file, then the wart is left exposed for 12 hours until it dries, and the process is repeated until The wart is completely eliminated, and it should be noted that there are different studies on the effectiveness of adhesive tape in removing warts.[1]

salicylic acid

Medicines containing salicylic acid are used to treat and remove warts. These medicines are available in the form of a cream, ointment, or coating, which are placed on the wart after protecting the area around it by applying a layer of Vaseline. Noting that it is preferable to remove the dead parts of the wart using a pumice stone or emery before using salicylic acid, with the need to pay attention not to contact these tools with other parts of the body or by another person, and it is also advised to immerse the wart with water for five minutes before using the acid, This process must be repeated daily for a period of three months to obtain the best results, but the treatment must be stopped if the skin is exposed to ulcers.[2]


Freezing is a quick way to get rid of warts; But this method is not strong enough to get rid of it completely, and sprays are available for this purpose; This method relies on killing the wart by using concentrated cold air from a sprayer that contains a medicinal mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, and then the dead skin is peeled off and the surface of the wart is removed.[3]

surgical treatment

Surgical intervention is usually resorted to after all methods fail to remove the wart, where the doctor cuts the wart off using sharp surgical tools or burns it with electricity, and this process needs to numb the affected part because of the pain it caused, and it should be noted that this method may leave some scars and marks .[3]

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