Sydney is the destination of many visitors when they go to Australia, where they can go to many places in it, such as the Sydney Opera House, which is known as the largest landmark in Sydney. Ideal for taking many souvenir photos, in addition to this house, the visitor can go to the beaches to do many water activities such as: surfing, sailing, snorkeling, or diving. It should be noted that there is easy access to a number of beaches such as Manly Beach ( Manly Beach and Bondi Beach using public transportation.[1]


Germany ranks seventh among the countries that attract tourists from all over the world, and ranks first according to the list of tourism classification carried out by the World Tourism Organization, this country is the favorite place for tourists in the summer and is considered the Oktoberfest ) is also a major factor in attracting tourists.[2]


Russia is one of the most visited countries for tourists, besides being one of the most powerful countries in the world, with its cultural and natural diversity, many museums, parks, the Black Sea coast, a group of cruises, and nearly 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites of the largest Factors that attract tourists in order to allow them to enjoy their time in this country.[3]

Morocco, West, sunset

Morocco is considered the gateway to Africa, and it is one of the diverse countries, its visitors usually find warm hospitality, and it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the salty mountain ranges, the desert, as well as the ancient cities in which they are located.[4]

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