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Thursday October 1, 2020

Best PDF to PPT converter website (PowerPoint presentation)

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Are you trying to convert PDF to PPT for you to view in your company or share with your classmates? Do not worry, you will not need to manually convert a PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation with the site that we will present to you today, and today we will show it to you and it is the best site that can help you convert PDF files to more than one different format. Of course, it helps you convert PDF to PPT

Important note: The site that we will mention today can convert files in Arabic without problems, but with some special formats or special files, you may encounter problems in the conversion process, so the best and surest solution is to try it yourself.

Why should you use this site specifically?

This site is considered one of the best PDF converting sites and it provides a tool that is, in my view, the most powerful apart from having a program that can be installed on your computer and IOS software for Mac and iPhone phones.

Also, the great site’s support for the Arabic language and the ability to read and convert its files without any problems makes it very distinct from any competition, whatever it is, in addition to being free and fast to use.

How to convert PDF to PPT:

Of course, the method is very easy and we will mention it to you in boring detail so that you can convert from PDF to PPT very easily and without facing any problems during the conversion process itself.

At first he went to the site Which is the site that we will use, a screen will appear in front of you at the bottom, click on the word Go To Web APP.

Convert the file from pdf to ppt

Now, the next screen will appear in front of you, which is the file upload screen.There are two ways to place the PDF files inside the program, either by uploading the file from your computer by selecting Upload or dragging the file and throwing it into the white space, and the second way is by importing it from storage platforms Different cloud supported by the site (unfortunately only Google Drive and Dropbox are supported)

Convert the file from pdf to ppt

Now upload the file that you want to convert and then click on the word Convert, a new white space will appear for you. Drag the file from the square or the white space at the top to the bottom until the shape becomes as in the final image and you will see there are a set of formats that you can convert to as you wish. , Choose one of them as you like.

Best PDF to PPT Convert Website (Power Point Presentation) 2

Choose the format you want to convert to and then write your email in the Enter Your Email box. Because here we want to convert from PDF to PPT, we will choose To powerpoint pptx.

When you go to your e-mail, you will see the following screen and your next message informing you that your converted file has reached your account, and you can download it.

Best PDF to PPT Convert Website (PowerPoint Presentation) 3

When you open your email, you will find an existing file download link, and you can click on it to be able to download the converted file as you wish.

Best PDF to PPT Convert Website (Power Point Presentation) 4

When you click on the link, it will take you to the next page and through it you can download the file, of course if you create your own personal account within the site, you can then access the converted files easily and with one very simple click.

Best PDF to PPT Convert Site (Power Point Presentation) 5

Today we presented you a way to convert PDF to PPT through the best PDF converting site currently on the scene and you can use it to be able to convert files with ease if you want to.

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