Hair has never lost in the beauty race as it is a distinctive aesthetic mark for every girl and woman, so major beauty companies and brands have adopted the production of the best hair care products, including the hair thickening spray from Al-Nahdi. The best ways to intensify hair with sprays and recipes Nahdi.

Better hair thickening fear than Al-Nahdi

Al-Nahdi pharmacies relies on the highest quality ingredients in their hair care products, which helps to fix hair problems and does not harm it. Therefore, Al-Nahdi Hair Thickening Spray is one of the best hair recipes and types:

Rogain Spray Nahdi Rogain

Rogaine hair thickening spray
Rogain Spray Nahdi Rogain

Rogaine or Minoxidil spray has proven its ability to treat hair loss and hair growth in balding areas in men and women, and filling in the blanks, as it contains enhancers of the hormone prostaglandin that stimulates hair growth, so it is considered one of the most powerful hair intensification treatments for the beard area for men, as well as for head hair.

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Creightons Spray

It is one of the best types of hair sprays rich in natural oils. It consists of coconut oil that nourishes the scalp, which gives your hair vitality and helps stimulate blood circulation to hair cells, which helps in the growth of new follicles while protecting against breakage and fall.

Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist

Hair tangles and the complexity of its tufts is one of the most common causes of hair loss, especially during combing and washing. Therefore, using the Whiteless Hydrating Oil spray will help detangle and moisturize the hair in a noticeable way, in addition to its ingredients rich in coconut oil with bamboo oil extract, which is easy for the hair to absorb to make it softer, denser and lively.

Nashi Argan Spray

This spray is at the top of the list of the best hair thickening spray from Al-Nahdi. It is one of the sprays rich in natural ingredients, the most important of which is argan oil, known for its effective properties in stimulating the scalp to grow hair, strengthening its roots and protecting it from falling out. It can also be used as a hair serum after washing with shampoo and before combing, In addition to its importance in encapsulating the hair follicles and protecting them from heat and sun damage.

Kristin iss Spray

Christine S spray adds a silky touch to your hair and gives you a vibrant and healthy look. It also gives you the texture of your hair within seconds and as soon as it is distributed on the hair. Leave the spray on the hair to dry for 30 seconds to get the look you want.

John Frieda spray

John Frieda Frizz Eyes Dream Curls Spray is available in the Nahdi collection specifically for curly or wavy hair. It maintains the elasticity and vitality of curly hair, giving it density and shine, and with each wavy strand, it gives it shine and natural curls thanks to its content of magnesium, which is effective in the vitality of curly hair.

Got to be spray

hair volumizing spray
Got to be spray

One of the distinguished sprays from the Al-Nahdi Medical Group, which has won the admiration of thousands of women, as it is used on the hair when combed to obtain a distinctive hairstyle and thick hair.


New-Wave Intense Hair Spray from Al-Nahdi is characterized by its light formula that is quickly absorbed by the hair to last on the hair for a longer period of time.

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Is Avogen Hair Spray Nahdi effective for thickening hair

Avalon Avogen spray 5% solution is one of the most powerful Nahdi products to care for falling hair and to treat baldness, especially male baldness, so it contributes to hair intensification. One of the most important ways to treat hormonal alopecia in men, as it is used twice a day on dry hair, by spraying the solution on the affected area and leaving it on it until it dries.

If you are looking for the best hair volumizing spray from Nahdi; We advise you to consult a specialist doctor to prescribe the right one for you, from the list of products offered by Al-Nahdi Medical Company.

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