Hair loss has many and many causes, and whatever the main reason is, it leads to a very bad psychological state, which is why some resort to using hair loss medication from the pharmacy immediately, because natural remedies need a very long time to show a little efficacy.

hair loss drug from pharmacy

Hair loss is the most annoying problem that many men and women face. Both of them are looking for a group of medications, or medical treatments that contribute to eliminating the problem as soon as possible. These medications are as follows:


hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

Medical minoxidil spray helps stimulate the scalp to produce small hair follicles in a short period of time, so it is recommended by many doctors as a result of its effectiveness in filling all the blanks, thus preventing the risk of baldness, and despite the many advantages that can be obtained when Minoxidil is applied, but it may lead to excessive irritation and redness of the scalp. It is not suitable for children under 12 years old, as well as pregnant and lactating women.


hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

This medicine represents one of the medical treatments that many men resort to, in order to get rid of prostate disease, whose enlargement leads to many diseases and problems, including excessive “hair loss”, so some doctors prescribe it to get rid of the scalp spaces, and treat cases of Epilepsy of all kinds, it is possible to take only one tablet on a daily basis, but after consulting the doctor treating the case, especially since it is not suitable for many patients and may negatively affect one way or another.

corticosteroid medication

hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

This effective medicinal substance can be injected into the scalp to treat the problem of alopecia, and baldness, which is often difficult to treat, and is also available in the form of medical tablets with a specific dose specified by the attending physician, as corticosteroids play a quick role in stimulating the scalp to produce new follicles from Hair, and the result usually appears after continuing the medication for only 30 days.

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Hair loss drug from the pharmacy for women

Hair is a woman’s crown and a symbol of her femininity, so women seek to control the annoying problem of hair loss, which causes them some psychological and physical problems. The treatments for hair loss for women are as follows:

pantogar medicine

hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

These types of medical tablets designed to eliminate hair loss have gained wide popularity, especially in recent times, as they help in the renewal of scalp cells and then increase the growth and density of hair, and get rid of the appearance of light hair, as well as the Pantogar drug contributes to improving the quality of hair to appear more smooth And vitality, as some doctors advise the possibility of taking 3 tablets per day, but it is better to consult your doctor before using it.

Final 2 shampoo

hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

Final Two shampoo contains an effective natural formula that helps eliminate various types of hair problems. Free roots.

Priorin capsules

hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

Priorin capsules are among the best medical capsules that eliminate hair problems in general, specifically the problem of hair loss resulting from some pathological and unsatisfactory factors. It is imperative to consult a specialist doctor to determine the appropriate dosage for your condition.

Hairfinity hair pills

hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

Hairfinity capsules do not usually need a prescription to get them, you can use them safely as they play a great role in eliminating the problem of hair loss, as they contain a large percentage of collagen, the main contributor to stimulating hair growth and activating its follicles.

Vitamin Hair Skin & Nail

hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

This type of vitamin helps to nourish hair follicles in general, especially weak ones, to prevent them from falling and preserve them against frizz. It also gives hair a clear shine and flexibility, which is what women and even men are looking for.

biotin vitamin pills

hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

It is the most famous in treating hair loss and strengthening its roots, and perhaps biotin pills is one of the medical treatments that eliminate the problem of hair loss permanently, as it contains many substances that help in strengthening the follicles, thus preventing them from falling out permanently, but it must be taken after consulting a doctor Healer.

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Hair loss prevention and strengthening pills

You may exclude some medical treatments because they sometimes have side effects, but some nutritional supplements may work to strengthen the hair and prevent it from falling without any noticeable damage, most notably the following:

Vitamin B12 pills

Hair follicles always need vitamin B12 to strengthen them and increase their softness and vitality, since the hair follicles absorb the intense amount of iron contained in this vitamin, which prevents the problem of hair loss permanently.

Vitamin A pills

Vitamin A capsules produce sebum in the scalp, which produces strength in the roots of the hair and prevents it from falling out. The effectiveness of the pills is shown in their ability to moisturize the scalp and protect it from redness or serious infections.

vitamin c pills

Taking vitamin C pills in a specific dose eliminates the problem of dandruff that collects in different parts of the scalp, and it plays an effective role in delaying the appearance of early graying signs in some women, and this contributes to preventing the problem of precipitation, especially severe hair loss.

zinc pills

Several studies have proven that zinc pills help prevent hair from falling out, by regulating the hormonal imbalance caused by thyroid disorders. Taking zinc pills in sufficient quantities helps to strengthen hair follicles and roots and increase its density.

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Fast treatment for severe hair loss

hair loss drug from pharmacy
hair loss drug from pharmacy

Sometimes some cases of severe hair loss require more rapid and effective solutions, and despite their expensive cost, many resort to them in order to get rid of the problem of hair loss in a record time, and among the best solutions are the following:

Laser treatment

Modern technical laser treatment is suitable for both men and women, as it helps to effectively increase hair growth and eliminate the problem of genetic baldness, as well as alopecia, but this must be done under specialized medical supervision.

Hair Transplant

It is the most expensive, but the most effective and quick method, which made some resort to it, especially as it helps fill all existing spaces, and gives the hair a distinctive and attractive appearance, which gives the patient great self-confidence.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Hair loss has many causes other than the genetic factor, which results in noticeable hair loss ranging from light to severe hair loss, including the following:

  • Not following a healthy diet.
  • Excessive use of harmful dyes and chemicals.
  • Not paying attention to hair hygiene.
  • And hereditary baldness, or the presence of some other genetic diseases.

The most important medical tips for treating hair loss

With following some medical advice, the matter is reflected in the health of the hair significantly, and these tips are as follows:

  • Follow a healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • Only use medical hair care products, especially those recommended by your physician.
  • Periodic and continuous attention to hair cleanliness and combing.
  • Do not comb the hair immediately after washing it, it must be dried first.

Finally, after we talked in our article for today about hair loss medication from the pharmacy, the problem of hair loss represents the most difficult problem, and the situation may range from simple hair loss to severe hair loss, so you should not underestimate the matter and it is preferable to resort to your treating doctor to prescribe the appropriate treatment .