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Monday September 28, 2020

Best dark Windows 10 themes

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There is no doubt that using Windows 10 themes improves and changes greatly the experience of using the device and gives it a unique shape and privacy that makes you feel that your device and your system is completely different from the rest of the devices and gives you an additional distinction and pleasure to use the device.

But the problem that may meet any novice user or even users who do not want a lot of technical steps, which may include downloading programs and manually modifying the interface requires a lot of uses, and that is why today and through this article we will present you the best Windows 10 themes you can download and use directly .

Best Windows 10 Themes:

All Windows 10 themes that we will present today and talk about today are dark themes, i.e. Dark Mode because it has become a global trend and adds a special beauty to the shape and interface of the device significantly.

Best Dark Windows 10 Themes 2

This theme is easy to use and install, all you need to do is install the UXtheme Patcher theme engine, then go to download the theme and install it through this link Here .

This situation changes many things in the device, including backgrounds, sounds, and the appearance of the mouse pointer itself, so it is considered one of the good and comprehensive Themes.

Best dark Windows 10 themes 3

You cannot describe this shape as dark in the literal sense of the word, but it is closer to dark green and for me personally it is better and is considered a change from the completely dark mode of the device, of course to be able to use it you must download the UXtheme Patcher theme so you can use it and take advantage of it then download the theme itself and put it At the following address: C: Windows Resources Themes

Theme download link from Here .

Best Windows 10 dark themes 4

This theme is completely dark and changes the interface completely, as it changes the icons to make them white to match the dark mode of the device, you can use the theme after installing the UXtheme Patcher theme also and copy all files and put them in the same previous title.

This theme is available in six different types and shapes that you can download for free from Here .

Best Dark Windows 10 Themes 1

This theme has more than 10 different shapes and icon sets, some of these different skins hide the usual Windows status bars and others show them.

Of course, you can download it for free from Here .

If you want to remove any of these themes, all you have to do is return the system to a previous point or use System File Checker easily.

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