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Most women seek to keep their skin always clear and free of impurities because it is one of the most prominent things that increase the beauty of the face, so women spend money to buy cosmetics to cover defects in the skin such as grains, pimples, blackheads, and color pigmentation that increases its appearance with hormonal fluctuations in the body Women age, and they use a number of chemical and natural treatments such as peeling and lightening the skin to get the perfect shape for it, and the facial steamer is one of the most prominent methods used to purify and clean the skin, which we will talk about and its benefits in this article.[1]

facial steamer

The steam bath for the face is one of the most useful means of clearing the skin, as it achieves good benefits to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce its flaws, but it is necessary to take into account the rationing in its use so that it is not used more than twice a month for a period of no more than a quarter of an hour only; So that the skin does not get wrinkles and dryness, the water temperature of the device must also be measured before exposing the skin to it so as not to cause burns to the face, and one of the types of natural herbs can be added to the device’s container to increase the benefit, such as mint or basil. As for the benefits of the steam device, it can be summarized as follows:[2]

Benefits of a facial steamer

The benefits of a facial steamer include:[3]

  • Getting rid of white and black heads, especially on the nose, as it troubles many people and gives an undesirable look to the skin, so the steamer opens the pores and removes toxins, dust and impurities stuck on them, and cleans them appropriately to obtain clean skin.
  • Purify the skin from toxins and dirt; Because the steam bath intensifies the perspiration of the skin and helps its cells to excrete harmful toxins, to restore freshness, purity and smoothness to the skin.
  • Stimulating the blood circulation in the skin of the face and revitalizing and rejuvenating it; As the steam bath helps to increase the blood flow in the cells of the face, giving it a bright pink color.
  • Prevention of acne and annoying pimples, as the steam bath prevents the accumulation of bacteria and excess oils inside the pores of the skin, especially for those with oily skin.
  • Treating skin pigmentation and the appearance of dark spots in it; As the hot steam bath unifies the skin tone, improves its texture and gives it an attractive and radiant appearance.
  • Allowing the skin to enter the air inside it, as the constant application of cosmetics, frequent exposure to hot sunlight, and environmental pollution with dust and dirt form a barrier that prevents the skin from breathing, so the steam bath reopens the pores and rids the skin of the effects of these accumulated substances under the surface of the skin to allow By entering the oxygen to its inner layers and restoring vitality and freshness to it.

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Benefits of a facial steamer

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