Swimming is one of the most famous sports in the world, and one of the most practiced. It is an enjoyable and useful sport, as it provides the body with activity and vitality. It is practiced internationally and locally under the supervision of special federations in this matter. Swimming and its types.

Benefits of swimming

  • Strengthens the muscles and bones, as swimming three times a week leads to the activation of all the muscles of the body, especially the muscles of the back, abdomen, and legs, and most other sports cause pain and pressure on the joints and bones, unlike swimming, as it does not generate any pressure on the body. joints.
  • It strengthens the heart muscle, which is the most important muscle in the body. Exercising for an hour leads to more blood being pumped into the body, thus enlarging the heart muscle, and preventing heart attacks.
  • Controls weight and gets rid of excess weight, as swimming is one of the most types of exercise that burns fat, and reduces calories, as it moves all the muscles of the body.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes. Swimming three times a week for thirty minutes burns nine hundred calories, which reduces the chance of developing diabetes by 10%.
  • Reducing asthma attacks that occur during exercise, improving asthma condition, and reducing its symptoms.
  • It increases the proportion of healthy cholesterol in the body, and lowers the bad cholesterol, which leads to a healthy balance of cholesterol in the body.
  • Increases the vitality and activity of the body, as swimming gives enough space for the person to train all parts of his body at the same time, especially the joints, which increases the flexibility of the body.
  • It maintains the harmony and beauty of the body.
  • It removes feelings of depression, improves bad mood, and provides a person with positive energy.

Types of swimming

  • Breaststroke: In this type of swimming, the swimmer places his body on the chest, and the shoulders are on one level with the surface of the basin water, and the swimmer must show part of the back of his head above the water, and his mouth comes out every time in order to breathe.
  • Back swimming: In this type, the swimmer lunges from the wall at the beginning on his back, then begins the alternating lateral rowing from behind the head to parallel to the thigh, and the feet are extended, and continuous movement, taking care not to take the knees out of the water.
  • Butterfly swimming: Here the swimmer moves his arms forward and over the water, then pushes them back at the same time, and constantly repeats the movement. Butterfly swimming is one of the most difficult types of swimming; She needs high physical fitness and great muscle strength, especially in the waist area.
  • Freestyle swimming: It is one of the most popular and most widely used types of swimming.

Benefits of swimming

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