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Most people prefer to go to the beach in the summer to relax and enjoy swimming, and most of them overlook the great benefits that this water provides to the body, as it includes many necessary elements for it, including: sodium, potassium, calcium, and chlorine, and these elements enter Through the skin to the human joints, and rid it of effort and fatigue, and it is required that the water temperature range between thirty and thirty-five degrees Celsius, and we will introduce you in this article to the benefits of sea water for the skin, in addition to its therapeutic benefits, and the advantages of the sea.

Benefits of sea water for the skin

Sea water penetrates the skin, as it nourishes and revitalizes the skin, as it provides it with natural iodine that expands blood vessels, in addition to helping it relax the nervous system.

Doctors recommend bathing with sea water, because the salt in it has a great cleaning effect. It gets rid of skin scales and moisturizes it. It also reduces acne, inflammation of the folds, and redness. It also maintains the smoothness of the skin, and speeds up its recovery from sores and eczema. Therefore, it is always recommended. By using marine products, which are represented in soaps, ointments, and creams, they beautify the skin and increase its freshness.

Medicinal benefits of sea water

Many recent studies have proven that the compounds contained in sea water, mud, and algae treat many problems, such as tension, rheumatism, and rheumatoid, in addition to sports injuries, and skin diseases such as: psoriasis, and acne, and the coasts of the Red Sea in Egypt include many It is one of the therapeutic resorts frequented by thousands of European tourists for recovery.

Every sea in the world is characterized by medicinal properties that differ from other seas. Dead Sea mud is used to treat skin diseases. There are many properties found in the land of the Dead Sea, which are lacking in other sea lands. The Dragon’s Triangle has rare properties that treat rheumatism, and the cure rate for these diseases is sixty-two percent over six weeks of treatment by bathing in this water three times a day.

Advantages of sea water

The seas provide its visitors with seafood represented in white meat, especially fish, and it provides the body with many nutrients important for its growth, especially iodine, and to this we add its great benefit to the digestive system, which is reflected in its ease of digestion, its richness in minerals, and salts, which gives the stomach comfort. Difficulty digesting red meat and others.

sea ​​water benefits

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