It is one of the medicinal herbs known by many names, such as sage and sage, which is characterized by containing some important nutrients for the body, such as carbohydrates, fiber, unsaturated fats, essential oils, chemical plant compounds, and some acids, such as coronsolic acid, tannic acid, and tannic acids. Nicotine, in addition to some flavonoid substances, and sage is used in the preparation of drinks such as tea, in addition to its therapeutic role, as it treats some hair, skin and digestive problems, and in this article we will mention its benefits in slimming.

Benefits of sage for weight loss

  • Dissolves accumulated fats in the body.
  • Metabolic rates increase, which increases the percentage of fat burning in the body.
  • Decreases appetite, increasing the feeling of satiety.
  • Facilitates and improves digestion.
  • It contains unsaturated fatty acids that help in weight loss.
  • Mood improvement, as it fights depression that leads to eating large amounts of food and thus weight gain.

Sagebrush recipes for weight loss

  • Sagebrush: By placing a quantity of sage leaves in a cup of boiling water, then leaving it for a quarter of an hour, then halving it, and sweetening it with honey, and it is preferable to take this mixture daily before going to sleep, while attending to it for a month to obtain good results.
  • Green tea with sage: by placing half a tablespoon of green tea, half a tablespoon of chamomile, half a tablespoon of sage, and half a tablespoon of green tea in a bowl of boiling water, then eat it before bed, taking care to attend to it for a period A month to get rid of the fat accumulated in the body, especially in the abdominal area.
  • Sage, chamomile and rosemary: by placing two tablespoons of sage, and two tablespoons of chamomile, with two tablespoons of rosemary in a pot of boiling water, then eat it early in the morning, taking care to attend to it to get a good result.

Sage benefits

  • Get rid of acne.
  • It stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which increases its vitality.
  • Prevents and treats hair loss.
  • It treats scalp problems such as dandruff.
  • Reduce menstrual pain.
  • Treat stomach disorders such as diarrhea.
  • Treat respiratory disorders, such as coughing, sore throat, and asthma.
  • Sterilizes the vagina, which eliminates infections and microbes.
  • Reduce milk production during the weaning period.
  • Strengthens memory and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Gases are expelled from the body.
  • Strengthens the body’s immunity, as it limits the growth of cancer cells.
  • Treat gum infections.
  • Reduce blood sugar level.
  • reduce the acidity of the blood; It contains phenols and flavonoids.
  • Relieve joint pain, by drinking it and sweetening it with honey.

Benefits of sage for weight loss

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