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Peach or plum are trees that produce seed fruits of different colors, and the fruits are oval in shape and soft and fluffy, their flowers are white or pink, and spread in temperate regions, and they have long green leaves, and they bloom at different times depending on where they are.

Peach benefits

Peach has many benefits and high nutritional value, and we mention among its benefits:

  • The pulp of the peach seed is used to treat weak and falling hair, and it restores hair growth when baldness is done by boiling the peach fruits in vinegar and using the mixture. The peach purifies the skin, moisturizes it, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles in it.
  • It is used in the treatment of asthma, cough and shortness of breath. It also removes hoarseness and restores it in case of loss due to hoarseness, and is used to treat phlegm.
  • Peaches are rich in sorbitol and isatin, which is ideal for relieving menstrual pain, treating constipation, cholera, relieving vomiting, spitting blood, inflammation and bladder pain, as it is an effective treatment.
  • Peach contains potassium, which is good for the heart, and also prevents strokes and strokes.
  • Peach with a reddish blue color contains anthocyanins, which rid the body of harmful free radicals, prevent cancer, treat breast cancer, and cirrhosis of the body’s cells.
  • Due to the low percentage of sugar in it, it is useful for diabetics as it prevents it, and because it contains anthocyanins and quercetin, it improves memory and fights Alzheimer’s.
  • Because of the lack of calories in peaches, and the large amount of water in it, it helps to get rid of excess weight.

peach leaves benefits

  • Treating stress and anxiety, by boiling a teaspoon of dried and ground peach tree leaves, and after boiling it is left to cool, then filtered and drunk one mug daily.
  • For diuresis, menstruation, bladder pain and inflammation, four cups of the previous mixture are drunk daily.
  • And for the treatment of jaundice, constipation, stomach worms and coughing, drink one cup of the previous mixture before each main meal, where the cup and the meal are separated by half an hour, and drink another cup before bedtime.
  • To treat burns, compresses are made from the aforementioned drink, and placed on the burn site, and it will disappear.
  • For the treatment of wounds and ulcers, an amount of dried and crushed peach leaves is taken, and sprinkled on the wound site three times a day.

Warning, any recipe mentioned should not be used except for the specified amount and for a short period, as the abundance of peach, its leaves and flowers poisons, and has a negative impact on your health, so it is only used when necessary and in a moderate quantity, and it is worth stopping it when noticing any side effects.

peach leaves benefits

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