Hijazi myrrh

The name Hijazi myrrh is called the resinous substance that is extracted from the bark of the elderberry tree found in the countries of the Hijaz, and this tree is abundant in both Yemen and Oman, and the elderberry tree grows until its height often reaches three meters, as it is found in the northern countries of the African continent. Like Somalia, myrrh extracted from trees is known as African myrrh, and high-quality Hijazi myrrh can be distinguished from adulterated Hijazi myrrh by its color.

Benefits of Hijazi myrrh

Treating respiratory infections

Hijazi myrrh is known for its ability to treat cases of infections of the upper parts of the respiratory system, such as sinus infections resulting from cold and flu. Its ability to get rid of hoarseness and purify the voice by moisturizing the throat and larynx and tightening the vocal cords.

An effective antibiotic for the body

Hijazi myrrh performs the functions of antibiotics in treating wounds and burns and preventing inflammation.

Maintaining a healthy digestive system

Hijazi myrrh maintains the health of the digestive system, starting from the mouth and gums to the internal organs, for its effectiveness in preventing diseases and infections of the gums and other ulcers of the gums, stomach and intestines, in addition to its ability to treat cases of bloating and expelling gases outside the body. Thinness by opening the appetite and increasing the body’s appetite for food.

cosmetic uses

Hijazi myrrh is used in many cosmetic treatments to moisturize and smooth the skin and fight the appearance of fine lines.

How to use Hijazi myrrh

Hijazi myrrh is used in several ways, including soaking it with hot water and drinking the soaked in stages during the day, in order to treat various inflammatory conditions and take advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties, or by rinsing with the soaked to treat cases of gum infections, or by soaking it with almond oil and leaving it as well for two weeks and then using it As a topical treatment for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

Benefits of Hijazi myrrh

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