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Garlic, or as it is called in the scientific field, Allium sativum, is one of the most prominent types of annual herbal plants, as it has been used since ancient times in many areas of life, especially the food field, the medical field, as well as the cosmetic field, as it has a natural nutritional composition of high value, knowing that its cultivation is spreading In many regions around the world, including Asian regions, including vitamins, acids, and minerals, making it a basis for eliminating hair problems, especially the problem of baldness, and given its importance in this aspect, we will review its most prominent benefits in detail in this article with Ways to apply garlic on the scalp.[1]

Garlic benefits for baldness

Among these benefits:[2]

  • Garlic is ideal for combating baldness; As it contains a high percentage of minerals, vitamins, and acids, in addition to the essential sulfur elements to resist falling and weak hair, it also contains the essential protein for hair re-growth and stimulation of the follicles and roots of the scalp.
  • It is classified as one of the most important plant herbs that resist bacteria, germs and microbes; It contains a high percentage of selenium compound, which in turn cleanses the scalp, prevents skin diseases that cause hair loss and baldness, such as alopecia, and also limits the appearance of skin pimples on the scalp.
  • Eliminates the problems of hair weakness and lack of density; Because it contains a high percentage of essential vitamins, especially vitamin B1, B6, and C, as it enhances the activity of blood circulation.

Garlic recipes to treat baldness

Among these descriptions:[3]

  • Crush garlic cloves and apply their powder on the scalp, with regular repetition of this recipe to get the best possible results from the properties of garlic in this regard.
  • Mix an appropriate amount of garlic juice with soap or conditioner for hair, and use it periodically, at a rate of at least twice a month, taking care to adhere to this in order to avoid dry hair, and honey can be added to garlic to ensure hair hydration.
  • Mix an appropriate amount of garlic cloves, with olive oil, and use the recipe regularly for at least a week, and leave the mixture for a whole night until the next morning.
  • Rub garlic cloves on the scalp, and leave it for a good period of time before washing it well with soap.

Note: Garlic leaves a very unpleasant smell on the hair, which requires washing the hair well using natural preparations such as lemon, ginger or aromatic herbs. It is also possible to use natural aromatic soap for hair, while avoiding the application of chemical soap, due to its harmful effects on hair.

Garlic Baldness Treatment Video

Garlic has proven its worth in solving many problems, so how does it treat the problem of baldness? :

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Garlic benefits for baldness

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