the Garlic

Garlic is classified as one of the two types of herbal plants, and it is grown all over the world, and often bears the name of the region in which it is grown, there are French, Chinese, and municipal garlic. It contains a variety of nutrients that are important to the human body, the most important of which are proteins, calcium, and minerals, in addition to sugars, and vitamins, perhaps the most famous of which are vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin niacin.

You can benefit from the benefits of garlic, whether it is cooked, or added to a plate of fresh vegetables, but the maximum benefit is reaped when it is fresh, as cooking it loses many of its medicinal properties, and it is possible to eat its cloves on an empty stomach in the early morning, and it is recommended to eat garlic cloves. without cutting or chewing; To prevent its bad smell from sticking in the mouth, drink a glass of milk, anise, or bite an apple, immediately after swallowing the cloves.

Benefits of garlic on an empty stomach

  • It prevents the high level of harmful cholesterol, which reduces the risk of many heart diseases, and arteries, and reduces the fat accumulated around it.
  • It reduces the risks of high blood pressure, as it maintains its levels in balance.
  • It treats stomach diseases, limits its inflammation, prevents the accumulation of gases in it, expels worms, parasites, and toxins from it, and also strengthens the stomach wall, which prevents ulcers.
  • It acts as a natural antibiotic, which increases the body’s ability to resist diseases, and to fight and attack foreign bodies.
  • Activates and controls blood circulation, which increases the freshness of the skin.
  • It improves the functions of many organs and systems in the body, such as the liver and bladder.
  • It treats skin sagging problems, especially in the breast area, when taking it regularly for twenty days or more.
  • It increases bone density, and speeds up the process of treating fractures, if it is adhered to for a period of no less than six consecutive months.
  • Protects against diabetes and limits its complications; It adjusts the level of insulin in the body.
  • It plays an important role in cleansing the mouth, ridding it of gum infections and expulsion of unpleasant odor.
  • It maintains the body’s balance, reducing nausea, dizziness, and headache, preventing high temperatures, and expelling phlegm.
  • Treats stress and depression, when taken with lukewarm milk in the morning.
  • It helps in the process of burning stored fats in the body, especially those in the abdomen and waist circumference, which cause the appearance of the rumen.
  • Protects against cancerous tumors, especially stomach and colon cancer.

Benefits of raw garlic

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